My son, who is not what I would term a spiritual man, (he is 43 now) collects Buddhas, but they have to be fat Buddhas. He also lives near a Buddhist Temple. He WAS a Buddhist in a past life and has brought this part of his past life through to this life. I once had a friend in New Zealand, who when life got too much for her, always used to say, “I want to go into a convent.” She said it so many times, I feared one day she would do it. Maitreya, the teacher I work with from spirit, has said we spend 85% of our lives in past life mode, repeating often the things we have done in a past life. For my son, he does not know it but he was a follower of the original Buddha, he remembers the Buddha as being a large man. Buddha was large because he carried a lot of fluid in his body (water) to help him communicate with God. He does not know why he collects Buddhas and perhaps never will, but to him his collection of them keeps him connected in some way, they remind him on a subconscious level of his time with the Buddha.

My friend in New Zealand, had spent many incarnations in a convent, and as such, that is where she felt safe. Every time she felt threatened or felt unsafe, it was where she wanted to be. We do not realize it, but each one of us is acting out past life energy and often that energy is holding us back from moving into our future! Why do we have a desire to travel to India, Egypt, or Paris? It is because a part of our soul lived there at one time. We have a familiarity with those places once we arrive. My first husband was one person who even remembered more. One day (he was in the British army) he was traveling in a tank at night, and his fellow soldier who was traveling with him in the army jeep, told my ex he wondered what was ahead in the next village. Without hesitation my ex told him what was there, and found out one hour later as they entered the village, it was exactly as my ex had described it. Every shop, pub, was just as he had described it, even the proximity of the shops to each other!

For me, I would not go out without a sweater or what we know as a cardigan, I kept telling my mother I had “Belsen” arms. (Belsen was a concentration camp during world war 2) Much later in my life I did a past life and saw myself in a concentration camp, perhaps not Belsen but I was so starved, I looked like a young woman from Biafra, except not with black skin. I honestly wish I had those arms now, as with the need for extra weight to work with spirit, I now have very big arms, lol!

As a reader/teacher, I listen closely to what people say, as what they say can give you clues as to their past lives. We do not realize we are advertising our past lives by talking to people. Why do people not like eggs? Why do they have to wash their hands all the time? It is deep past life remembrance and often they do not know it. The fears, lack of confidence, feeling inadequate, feeling a lesser person and more, have to come from somewhere, they just do not manifest from nothing. If we can find out the answers as to why, how, what and who, we are on our way to getting the answers and moving not only away from it, but perhaps never coming back again to another lifetime or incarnation!

Do not be frightened of looking into your past lives, they are experiences from the past, not lived now in this incarnation. However, our fears, our emotions, our desires to travel to India, Egypt and Paris, are part of our past memories. They may not be conscious memories, but they certainly exist on a subconscious level. My youngest daughter collected elephants for a long time, I know if she were to come to India, or places such as Nepal, or other countries where elephants are a way of life, she would feel at home. For, she was an elephant keeper in a past life, and has deep soul memories about elephants.

Even our aches and pains can be past life related; my husband Alan and I went to London to do some work and take a holiday. A few days after arriving, he began to have pain in his right arm. As the days passed, it got worse until he could only lift his arm a short way; he was also in a lot of pain just moving the arm. At breakfast one day, he asked me what he could have done to have such pain and difficulty in lifting it. I immediately saw him as young boy of about nine or ten years of age and he was a chimney sweep in Victorian London. He had to climb inside the chimneys and clean them. One day he lost his footing and fell, seeing a metal peg sticking out from the wall, he grabbed it as he fell, only to have his arm wrenched out of his socket as he grabbed it, but could not hold on. Being in London in an area with tall Victorian houses and chimneys, had triggered the past life memory and the pain of it. He sought healing from me at the time of discovery, and others when we reached home, but it took him over a year before the pain and difficulty left him.

Past lives are a part of our present life, why not begin finding out where your issues come from?