Many times when asked to do a sketch for clients they expect to see their guides or a loved one who has passed to spirit. More often though, a past life would come through. It would surprise but intrigue them to be able to see what they looked like in another lifetime. They could then go on to learn a little something about it and the importance of it in this current life. There were many times, however that I was only to do a sketch which would prompt them to seek out a past life regressionist or a past life reader to explain the portrait and lifetime to them.

You see spirit knows what we need and when we need it even if we do not. I would preface my time with a client by letting them know they could most certainly request what they want to see from their guides. It didn’t mean that would always be what they received.

My first experience with past life regression was amazing and became the catalyst to launching me on my spiritual path. From the first lifetime shown to me until this day, I’ve chronicled them all in my writings. My first published book, STEPPING THROUGH THE DOORWAYS OF THE SOUL, was written using some of my very own past lives. Though it is written as fiction, regressing to those lifetimes were as real to me as the one I am currently living.

Each regression assisted in resolving some of the medical and emotional issues I was experiencing at the time by bringing those lifetimes to my awareness. Your incarnations hold lessons or issues, which registers in your body as energy. For example; Say in a past life you had a child. That child fell into a pond and couldn’t swim. You tried to reach the child to save them but ultimately they drowned. You might feel guilt over that and end up holding on to that energy. That energy stays with your soul until it is cleared. It could stay with you many lifetimes depending on whether you worked to clear it or not. That energy can build and fester creating a state of dis-ease or disease in your body. Hence the importance of working through your “stuff” as it is referred to in the metaphysical community.

Clearing or working through your life’s lessons is not always easy. If it were then what would be the point. It’s learning for our soul’s growth. This sure gives the saying, “Learning by the school of hard knocks,” it’s meaning. My second book, LIZZY, certainly proved that to me. That is not to say every past lifetime has heavy issues. Of course you might incarnate because you want to know what it feels like to be truly loved. This would certainly create a pleasant lifetime.

I’ve heard clearing past lives compared to peeling an onion with its many layers. All I know is that I had my share of joys and tears as I shed one old lifetime after another. As I dropped each one, I felt lighter in my soul. Finding a good regressionist is key. And in my opinion the best ones do not lead you through a lifetime but stand by you as you regress allowing you to tell YOUR story to them. It helps to interview a practitioner prior to having a regression. You need to be comfortable with their personality and professionalism. After all, you are sharing a very personal experience with them and you need to feel they are trustworthy, caring souls. Asking for referrals from others you know that have had experience with regressionists can be a help as well.

Regardless of whether you believe in past lives or not, issues will inevitably enter your life. I have found that navigating through my own existence is easier when I’m aware of what past life energy is needing to be cleared. The realization that I can ease the impact of any issue that comes along, even if just a smidgeon, is comforting and encouraging to me.