Past Lives

As time passed, in 2020, I felt I was stuck and not able to find clarity of the why and what life is about. I wanted to study anatomy and physiology to learn about the human body to help me understand my children’s health and hygiene. It was very scary for me to look at a book, let alone remember the terminology! With my beloved teacher Jean’s help, I was able to touch the past in regression sessions. In these sessions I met myself from the past. I confronted the dark side of me that created karmic debt, and I asked for forgiveness. I had confronted many wounded lifetimes, many of them as women that needed answers and healing, that lead me to learn forgiveness.

My teacher Jean so beautifully guided me to meet wounded women from many of my past lives, one by one, when the time was right, to introduce myself to them as their future self. I told them its ok for them to let go of the pain, open themselves up to healing, forgiving the past and merge with me. I felt a closure in many areas of my life during these sessions. Before the sessions, these past lives came up when I was alone or in dreams, it was intense, and I just didn’t have the knowledge on how to come to terms with them! No wonder I felt stuck and fearful. Even now I wake up with vivid dreams of something that is not pleasant, but the intensity is much lower. There is a one particular past life I wrote in my last article that took much time to release completely even after the session, because learning forgiveness and healing takes time. But it is worth each and every moment. This experience also helped me to go through a few more releases. After that, I no longer have an issue opening Anatomy and Physiology books and checking things out! I could not believe how it does not take me back to my painful memories, like it once had. In fact, when I say my payers these days, I visualize golden life energy from the Divine Spirit flooding through my cells and its members, from head to toe, my various parts and systems gently fusing with the light and releasing unwanted past life memories. I now can maneuver smoothly through each day of my life. I feel I have hope. I am convinced that I am meant to be happy. I need to stay awake in the present and find positive life tools, and use them for my highest good, and I must not forget to have fun along the way! I got the ‘Energy’ card from Maitreya App the other day. I laughed on how accurate it was for that moment. It’s amazing how much we are being helped when help is needed or sometimes tested so we know our own strength.

Go slow, stay in the now. Be curious of the material world from a Spiritual Being point of view. Emotionally detach and observe. Forgiveness heals the gap between me and the Divine Spirit and gives clarity that everything is One. This is what past lives have taught me. I can feel the energy saved from moving back to the past unconsciously, and I use it in the present moment to assist me in manifesting the future I desire. I am very grateful for my teacher Jean for her healing and guidance.

Have a great month!