The shocking result of the American election has created so much emotional reaction to so many people both nationwide and worldwide. It shows how our human choices are dictated, controlled and manipulated by the Self-part of us through our own emotions, beliefs and conditioning.

The result of the USA presidential election shows that the Photon Energy has brought so much repressed emotional energy to the surface from people in this country as well as in the world. All hidden issues that have been carried for a long time in America history and in other countries are now being brought to the surface in our consciousness in order to create change and to move humanity to higher vibration and higher consciousness. The deep wound created in past human history and in the present has been exposed to the naked eye for everyone to see, feel and experience. In time, it will allow us to be healed and to become whole again as one human race. The emotional reaction of the post election was so incredibly intense; it was like an energy tsunami. The human world has evolved into a world of pure emotion, from television, to Facebook, to social media, to our own emotional reactions. We have allowed emotions to dominate and control our lives personally and collectively through bias, prejudice, conditioning and beliefs. It has further invoked so much fear, insecurity, anger, and hatred individually and collectively. The Self-part of humanity is determined to get its own way, to justify itself and to lash out in any way it can; an eye for an eye pitting brother against brother, friends against friends and neighbors against neighbors.

Unfortunately, worry, fear, insecurity, anger, hatred and all other negative emotions can only attract the same type of energy to our life and create more fear, worry, anger, hatred and negativity. Fighting and blaming each other will not resolve the issues and problems. It will not heal the deep wounds individually or collectively, but only make them harder, darker and more self-destructive. As a result, it will be difficult to find peace and harmony in both our own life and the world we live when there is no respect, tolerance and acceptance to each other; even though we may profess a desire to have world peace and harmony.

The whole purpose of our life on the Earth Plane is to learn to detach from our own and others emotions; to let go of and move on from the emotional body. It is the emotional body of humanity that the Self-part of us hangs on to; this energy has control of us through our own and other people’s fear, doubt, insecurity, jealousy, anger, judgment, greed and hatred. Often we are not aware of this happening and that most of our emotional issues are often repressed energy from other lives. Yet, it is the emotional energy in each of us individually and collectively that is the cause of all the strife and conflict in this country and in the world on the Earth plane today.

We all should always remember: Life is a game and an illusion. What we see through our eyes is not what it is really about. Life is just a school for our education and soul growth. The external world we live in is not the world of creation, but the world of manifestation of our own inner world created through our thoughts, emotions, conditionings, beliefs, and cultural programming, etc. Therefore, instead of fighting the external world and all those who seem to be negative and dark or the incident that seems to be destructive and dangerous, we all should face our own issues residing deep within us. We should honestly be asking: why we are we so angry, why do we hurt so deeply, why do we have such intense emotional reactions, where do our emotional reactions come from and what do people and situations mirror for us?

So many questions, but the answers are only within each of us and we can only look and work on our answers from deep within us individually. We must rise above the emotions of the Self in order to recognize and then heal the deep wounds within each of us to reconcile and come to a peace with whatever emotions we are feeling. This is the first and the most important step in order to heal the deep wound that lies within each of us. The first step to heal the human race, to attain the world peace we all yearn for and to live in harmony with each other, is to heal oneself individually.

Yes, letting go of the emotional body and detaching from the emotional energy will never be an easy process for it involves facing issues and deep-seated pain from the present and the past. Often this pain is so deep that we cannot even find it, but simply react upon it without realizing we can have more energy to manifest our own hopes, wishes and dreams if we are not wasting our energy in the emotional dramas we create or get involved in. Even when we are aware of our pain and deep hurt, we often tend to repress it rather than to face it. However, denial and repression can only create more emotional pain and hurt. It is very important for each of us to acknowledge our emotions, be it the fear, anger, hatred, insecurity, judgment, jealousy, prejudice, guilt and shame, etc. and let it be released constructively without throwing it at someone else. Try to detach from our own emotion as well as from other people’s emotion; strive to give it no energy. Have the courage and strength to face what we consider as bad, dark, ugly or negative and to embrace it as a necessary aspect to our learning and growing experience for our soul. Have the courage and strength to rise above the illusion of the situation and to have total faith and trust that everything happens for a reason and that everything is perfect. Have the bravery and forte to stay heart centered with acceptance, respect, understanding and compassion, for only love from our heart center can conquer, heal and unify. When the Higher Self-part of us becomes a great force in our life, we will be amazed how much we have been truly blessed and empowered! True emotional detachment is the power of unconditional love and compassion!