Per aspera ad astra 

You can be unhappy anywhere.

You don’t have to move across the ocean or across the country, you don’t have to leave your relationship or move from your home.

The sad truth is that wherever you go, you carry Your Self with You. Your fears, hopes, expectations, delusions, mistakes…yes, they go with you.

If you experience misfortune in love or business in one place and you think you are going to have better luck somewhere else, you are deluded.

Yes, by moving you can possibly step in some new opportunities and energies but if you haven’t learned your chosen lessons, you will encounter the same situations that you have run away from. Same type of men. Same type of friends. Same type of lousy and unsatisfying jobs.

New wife, “bad” like the old one. New boyfriend who cheats the same as your last one. Cranky new boss. Grumpy new coworkers. Untrustworthy, lying “friends”. Debt. People who scam you. Same sh@# as before. Same old record playing repeatedly, over and over.

Don’t sit there thinking that you are cursed or have bad destiny. It just means that you haven’t dealt with your karma or lessons.

You can’t just change your environment, you have to change yourself, or your thoughts, vibrations, fears and egotistical self-expectations will run the show once again. There is no escape or easy way out.

So, did it ever occur to you that everything IS about and because of YOU?

When you get angry reading this and the volcano in your 3rd chakra start boiling in your solar plexus, I can assure you that your Lower self is mad as hell! And that this is true. I was like that too.  First step is being honest with yourself. Admitting that we must deal with our Ego first. There is so much work to be done.

If you want to change your life, start with your Self first. Face and work through your fears, trauma’s and Past life memories. Work on your karma. Get rid of that junk that you were so proudly and persistently carrying around inside yourself. Declutter yourself!

It can be done, but you must decide to be truthful to yourself. Be honest. That is a trait of the bravery.

You will incur cuts and sores as you go through this thorny journey and no one can do it for you. Your feet are going to get dirty.

Everything is an illusion and will be difficult as you navigate your path through your life lessons. You can change and manifest a new reality with the assistance of positive mantras and affirmations or praying that someone will give you a magical stick, but they will be for naught if “You” don’t do the work!

Per aspera ad astra.