Portals, Openings, and Doorways

It happens every year – 8/8 – The Lion’s Gate Portal. They say that this year it is stronger and wider than usual, and its effect will last longer. Why? Solar flares? Earthly changes? Who knows?

I know and feel that there are openings and doorways figuratively. The energy at times is drawing and powerful. The sense of being on the precipice, in the open doorway to… something great, or greater than now. But sometimes I don’t know how to get across the threshold, take the leap. Perhaps I miss the signs, or become too stuck in what is behind me. Maitreya says, “It is not easy being on the spiritual path, for as you move forward in vibration, the energy of the Earth plane will try to draw you back into what you have just left.” (Maitreya Wisdom Card #4 Awareness)

Change and Evolution – always occurring, yet also always in anticipation of. Supposedly leading to something better and beautiful, like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Yet it feels as if each changes leads only to the next, and the next, and the next. Like chasing the elusive butterfly. The butterfly is light and beautiful, but wow, it can lead you on a glorious, excruciating chase.

How does one navigate change and evolution? Do I need to work harder? Do I need to be more disciplined? Do I need to be in silence more? Do I need to listen and notice more? Do I need to be more grateful? Do I need to just be and trust that all is as it should be and opening to/for me? So many questions!

Here is my answer for now:

I am open – as the portal is open.

Open to where?

Open to what?

Anywhere and anything

Perfect for my evolution and learning

Hopefully bringing peace and joy.

I am open.

“Let your thoughts manifest positively in your life. Allow all of your thinking to be of a happy and positive nature. Then you will be creating happiness for yourself. Yes, it is hard to think positively, to be happy, especially when you are removed from the comfort zone. However, with a positive attitude, and practice, this can be accomplished. You will find that change is not as fearful as it seems to be. The more you open up to embrace change, the easier and faster change can take place in your life, and the better and happier your life will be.” (Maitreya Wisdom Card #7 Change)

Often the elusive butterfly chase leads directly back to me.

©Linda Zeppa
Author, writer, educator, Intuitive Development Coach and Guide, Writing Coach and Guide, Editor. For more information contact linda@intuwriting.com.