Positivity & Negativity

Negativity is an illusion that does not exist except in our judgmental mind and its negative perception.

The negativity we perceive may seem to be on the outside but it originates from the inside.

The negativity without is merely a projection of the negativity within.

In truth, there are no negativities other than those created by our mind and its negative perception.

Positivity, in contrast, is a truth that is revealed when the illusion that is negativity has dispersed.

While positive perception is a product of a loving mind, positivity is a truth that prevails regardless of our state of mind and its perception.

We would require positive perception in order to perceive positivity, but positivity does not cease to be just because we fail to perceive it.

Unlike negativity which is a product and projection of our mind, positivity is a source energy that gives life and enhances life.

Negativity is a creation of our mind while positivity is the source of our creation.

The positivity that is love/light is the source of all life and creation but whose brilliance and radiance, when blocked and distorted by our judging mind, would cast and create shadows and illusions in the likes of negativity, fear and darkness.