We forget the power that past life energy holds on us and how the energy controls our lives until we can fully see or understand the experience. For me, some of the best ways to experience and then release the energy is through past life regression or traveling to the physical location where it originally occurred. Our intuition often tells us we need to travel in order for the experience to occur.

Back in 2008, my two daughters and I got the urge to travel to the Mediterranean, making stops in Greece, Turkey and Sicily, one of my favorites trips. My daughters and I have always been athletic and knew somehow we were runners in the ancient Olympics. We took a tour to the ancient Olympic site where the first Olympics took place, in the City of Olympia. Running was the one and only event in the first games. As our tour group got close to the entrance of the ancient stadium (just a small dirt field with grassy hills for the spectators to sit and watch), my youngest daughter and I broke away from the group. We both instantly went back in time and were reliving the moment and narrating to each other our experiences.

As we entered the ancient stone arch that led to the field, we could hear the crowd applauding and roaring and feel the energy of excitement. We were the two best runners, with me slated to be the winner. We also understood that we were good competitive friends not enemies. We were always neck-to-neck at the races with me barely winning by a nose. At first we just walked together from one end of the field to the other, about 200 yards. As we neared the middle of the field, I realized in that life, I had tripped and fallen and could feel the pain in my right groin. I had to stop for a moment until the pain went away. We continued to walk to the end of the field together realizing that my daughter then, in ancient times, had won. We were both in shock, because that was not suppose to happened! Olympic winners were almost like Kings and treated as such, much like in today’s world. She never felt like she deserved such treatment, as she had always been second. I banished myself because I was suppose to win, and felt completely rejected by my peers.

Having felt all these emotions, we decided to run it together a second time. This time, in the middle of the field where I had fallen, my daughter grabbed my arm at the elbow, as if to pick me up and we ran together and finished together. It was like she came back for me and picked me up so we could finish together, as we had done so many times before. Apparently in that life she didn’t feel she could have done that. It was very powerful and still is (I am crying as I am writing this). To this day, we are still working through this energy. She sometimes feels she is underserving or not good enough when she wins something. She was one of the best athletics in her school, yet would often feel not good enough. I am also athletic and often feel I am better than I am, can be boastful or get mad if not recognized for my abilities. Ha. Such is how past life energy works. It was a blessing to have this experience.