Power of Water

As of May 31st, we will have a new house to call home. 😊 It is in a rural setting with plenty of trees, nature, and lots of water nearby. We are within about .25 miles of an inlet of the Puget Sound and even have kayaking rights to make it convenient if we want to venture into a new adventure for us. Better get some life jackets!

Maitreya’s Wisdom Card #80 is “The Power of Water”, click the link to read the card or for a free download of the cards, click the following link. Maitreya often discussed the many uses of water in your Spiritual development and to assist you to clear the energy in your living environment. It’s also very powerful tool to assist them to communicate with us, that’s why we often get “awe-ha” moments in the shower, bath and even on the commode. LOL! When Margaret would hold channeling events, we would put a big bowl of water beneath her chair to assist Maitreya to bring in the energy to communicate thru her.

Another source of water is to utilize water fountains in your home. It is a good idea to have a water feature, if possible, in each room. It will greatly assist you to clear energy in your living environment and assist with your intuitive knowing and feelings. Korinne has ordered new fountains for the new home, and we will be depositing our old fountains in the bin.

If you think about it, the human form is primarily water, which facilitates communication from those in the world of spirit to us and it is also the mechanism to eliminate toxins and waste products from our body.

If you want to supercharge the water you drink, put your glass, or jug under a pyramid or put crystals in your water container; it will put energy and light into the water. It’ll be a great source of cleansing for your system. Go for a walk in the rain or near water, throw in some trees and rejuvenate your energy.

We’re looking forward to setting up the new house with the fountains and feel the energy change. We experienced it in our current house when we moved in. Before we did anything, we set up the fountains, which is what we’re scheduled to do in the new house about a week before we even move our furniture in. Trust me, you can feel the energy change.

Make water a priority in your life, it’ll make a difference to your energy and your intuitive thoughts!

Have a great month,