Throughout my journey with Margaret and Maitreya, the power and the effect of past life energy never ceases to amaze me. In one of my earliest first hand experiences I got to see it up close. Margaret was teaching a channeling course in the Netherlands when a past life came to the surface between two good friends that were taking the course. One lived in Belgium and one lived in the Netherlands. Their camaraderie grew closer and closer and culminated in this opportunity to take this channeling course together. Their metaphysical journey is what had brought them together to begin with, and now, here they were experiencing the moment together. On about day 3 of the course, things changed drastically when a painful past life between the two of them came to the surface for the Belgium gentleman. It came out of no-where, but when the energy in the form of anger and rage came to the surface it was a little frightening. As the individual tried to control what he was feeling, his knee as it kicked up beneath the table as he pounded his fist on the tabletop just about lifted the heavy conference table we were sitting at off the ground. The release of the emotion was real and it was alarmingly powerful. He was fortunately sitting amongst people around him that understand and could provide help as he was trying to cope and understand what had just happened to him. This is where road rage and other incidents go off the rails because the people experiencing the meltdown don’t always have a rational support mechanism around them to stop the energy eruption from turning into something ugly in the heat of the moment as the energy plays out in the physical.

I think I shared the experience in a prior newsletter I had back in 2010 when Margaret and I had went to London for our birthdays. We were bringing in the new energy related to our solar returns. For some reason my shoulder started to ache during our short stay and Maitreya informed that I had been a chimney sweep in the U.K. in a prior life. I had slipped and as I started to fall down the chimney I was able to grab hold of the top of the chimney with my right hand. Unfortunately, the weight of my body and tools caused me to severely damage my shoulder. It pretty much left me a cripple with my right arm for the rest of my life; I was only 10 at the time. This energy in this life came to the surface over the next 1.5 years and my shoulder shutdown on me. It was like my underarm was an accordion that tightened up so that I couldn’t lift my arm. I would get massages, up to 3 times per week to loosen it up enough to lift my arm to shoulder height, but no further. It was quite an experience for me as I worked through it from the perspective of past life energy coming to the surface, rather than the mindset that something was wrong with me.

I feel very blessed to have what I consider invaluable metaphysical knowledge from the Maitreya writings and videos in addition to his personal counsel. As he stated many times, 85% of our actions are driven by past life energy that is driving our emotions, but I don’t think people also understand, that also includes physical things that happen to us as the energy comes to the surface in the physical. What prompted me to write about this topic is something profound that happed to me a couple weeks ago that boggles my mind even with what I said in the prior sentence. About 3 years ago, Maitreya encouraged me to put a service on the Maitreya website for me. We have a lot of practitioners that do a variety of metaphysical services, but none were from me. He was nudging me out of my comfort zone to put myself out there. I acquiesced and put up a business consultation. I figured that if someone wanted one, I had a background in accounting, had successfully started and sold a business, and I also had some astrological knowledge to assist me with their strengths and weakness. So with that done, I satisfied the to-do and didn’t think much about it.

Well, 3 years later I just received my initial request out of the blue from a lady from Croatia that is currently residing in the U.S. and had done some study with one of Margaret’s graduate students from Croatia. The reading went well and even surprised me, but what happened immediately afterword still has me contemplating the effects and power of past life energy. After the consultation I felt like I had a hole in my stomach just below the sternum. I was very much in discomfort for about 3 days, but the stomach acid problem I have endured my whole life mysteriously vanished. For me, I had been taking either antacids or acid blockers for my stomach for the past 35 years. In fact, since we came back to the U.S., I was probably taking up to 10-12 tablets per night to make sleep even possible. To my amazement, since the day of the consultation 2 weeks ago, I haven’t had a single tablet or any acid reflux.

I did some meditation on what transpired and I could see in the past life that I had kidnapped or taken the Croatian graduate student against her father’s wishes (the Croatian now living in the U.S.). In the past life he caught up with me and stabbed me in the stomach and then they left me to die a slow and painful death. I can see all my anger at myself for doing what I did being absorbed into my etheric body at the site of the wound. The feeling I was experiencing now of the hole in my stomach was like the energy had just been cut out of me.

So how am I doing? I am feeling great, even eating some spicy things that I would have definitely stayed away from or loaded up on extra antacids before partaking. Trust me, everything around us and within us is is past life related. If we can try to understand the energy as it plays out and not get bogged down in the emotions of the moment, there is so much to derive and learn from the experience!