After years without having health problems, I found myself in June visiting a hospital to have a large cyst removed on my left arm. 12 years ago it came up again, and although it was removed and I had a small stitch, the doctor never removed the actual core of the cyst, and it was that core which began growing again. When it was removed, before it was infected and very nasty, the same as this time. I used to call the spot where the cyst was as my overflow system from when I was “cleaning” energy; this time though it suddenly became infected and sore on Friday 13th June.

It had actually been triggered by the Lunar Eclipse approx two months before when the Lunar Eclipse hit my first house sun exactly almost at 25 degrees 16, (my Sun is in the first house at 25 degrees 14) and conjunct my Chiron at 26 degrees in the 1st house also. I knew something was going to happen to me with the Eclipse, but had no idea it would trigger what it did. Before the cyst became a problem, something happened to shatter my very being.

A past life I thought I had dealt with regarding Alan and I came up again in a different form. It knocked me for six, and as it did it brought up issues which were so deep I did not know I had them inside of me. Some call Chiron an Asteroid, some call it a planet. Discovered only in 1977, it is where we hold our deepest wounds; until we can remove those wounds we cannot move forward in our life. Usually at age 50 – 52, we have a Chiron return and it comes up then for review. In my Chiron return, it did come up, and once again caused me such great distress I never thought I would get through it. I did, but I chose to bury it and run away from it, not giving it any thought as to why, how and what!

Ironically, just after that time the cyst began to come up and ended up a few years later becoming infected and having to be removed. The same thing happened a few weeks ago, but this time I did not run away, I could not, and I also looked at the why, how, and what. I stayed in my bedroom for three days never coming out. My meals were served there, I wanted to talk to nobody. I came the closest I have come to walking away from my life as a medium/teacher/channel. On the third day, I called out on my fan page and asked for healing, as by now the Self had me in the deepest darkest depression.

It was amazing, within a short period of time it was as if I went from darkness to light. I began to heal. As I did all the energy from the deepest part of my being came to the surface, never again to stay down there. It came forth like a gush of oil, and my arm became sore where the cyst was, then it became infected. It was interesting how it all tied in astrologically with the Lunar eclipse, the grand cross, and then 13th June, the full moon, which was a very special moon!

I went to the hospital and had it removed, had I not it would have killed me with poison I am sure. It was a huge monstrosity (it filled the palm of the surgeon’s hand), which grew even bigger from 13th June to 15th when I went to the hospital. So much did it grow, nobody could believe how much it had grown. I now have 6 stitches and the cyst and the core have been removed never to be seen again. The whole experience was a past life energy, which I could not deal with, nor did I want to look at. I thought I had dealt with it.

It was a great shock to see it so angry and ready to burst. For me, it was proof of the power of past life energy and how it can come out of the body, after being trapped there for many incarnations. The eclipse, the grand cross, and the full moon in June all helped this energy to come out. It confirmed my belief in the power of the planets, and how they can help us. I would never have believed it could happen, but it did, and I was a witness to it. Do I feel better for letting it go, you bet I do. It also allowed me to see another health problem I could have had, thankfully I was able to stop it in its tracks. It has been a bumpy road for the last three months, but one road I am glad I rode on, to have the result of all that energy finally gone! Thank you to the Universe for assisting in bringing it out!