Pride – The Root of All Negative Emotions

by Jean Luo

I used to be very sensitive to other people’s opinions, and how they treated me. Whenever I was questioned by someone, I felt challenged, and not valued or appreciated; I felt deeply wounded. Thus, I used to take things very personally. I have carried such feelings and beliefs for many years without knowing that it was connected to my Chiron in Capricorn, in the 2nd house in my natal chart (deep wound in self-worth, self-value over authority issues).

When I entered my Chiron Return (around age of 50), I had a big argument with my father as he constantly belittled me by continuously criticizing me for not being good enough for him. It led me to do some soul searching, which led me to my life path connection to Margaret McElroy and Maitreya. Since then, my life has been filled with constant change and transformation. However, I often still felt challenged and undervalued when it came to taking people’s opinions or suggestions. This resulted in me often feeling like an outsider or unable to fit in.

One day, after I felt deeply hurt and angry because someone asked me a question, I finally asked Maitreya through Margaret why I felt this way. I hoped that Maitreya would show me sympathy. Surprisingly, Maitreya didn’t give me what I expected, but instead pointed out to me that it was my pride that made me feel this way. He then spent about 45 minutes teaching me about pride and how my Self uses it to sabotage me. He taught me that PRIDE is the most negative emotion on the tree of life, because pride conceives our fear and invokes our anger.

He taught me that among all the “negative emotions”, pride is the hardest and worst one. It is the root of all “negative emotions” we hold onto. “Pride is one of the worst issues to have on your metaphysical/spiritual path, for it is a barrier to truth.” ~ from Maitreya Quotes App.

Pride is the most fundamental part of the Self. It is deeply rooted in our human ego. It often considers one is better than others, but it often conceals this in the disguise of fear, insecurity, and other negative emotions. Pride is the root of our fear of rejection, failure, ridicule, and imperfection; It is the core of our need to be in control, engage in competition, comparison, and pretense.

Pride is driven by the ego and fed by the Self. It fights for survival. It strives for ego achievement and success to get on top but is consumed with our own worth to the detriment of others. Pride fuels our arrogance, vanity, superiority, selfishness, and self-centeredness. It can also make us feel deeply hurt and wounded, which will lead us to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, feeling unworthy, and not being good enough.  Pride makes us opinionated, judgmental, and critical. Pride invokes emotions – jealousy, envy, distrust, fear, insecurity, anger, bitterness, resentment, hatred, vindictiveness, ruthlessness, etc. Pride holds us in shame and guilt when we make mistakes or do something wrong. It does not allow us to ask for help when we are in need. It does not want us to listen to other people’s suggestions and advice no matter whether they are good or not. Pride makes us take things very personally, which leads to feelings of being easily offended, defensive, and needing to  justify ourselves. It prevents one from sincerely saying ” I am sorry”, I made a mistake”, or “What I did is wrong”.  It holds onto stubbornness to keep us from humbly and sincerely admitting our faults, shortcomings, mistakes, and imperfection. It fights for our righteousness; It makes us frightened of losing control and feeds our fear of change. Pride controls and manipulates our thoughts, thought processes, emotions, actions and reactions, beliefs, and blocks us from having true relationships with others.

When it comes to relationships with others, pride is exclusive, secretive, competitive, and self-centered. Pride is of the Self and ego. It is the barrier preventing us from being honest and truthful. Pride can have many faces; it can act out hidden and subtle with a good reason; it can hide deep in each person and most of us are not even aware of it. However, no matter how cunning, how stealthy, or disguised it is, pride is pride. It is an emotional weapon the Self uses in its ploy of maintaining control and surviving in the game of life.

Working to change the energy of pride is never an easy task since it is deeply ingrained in our subconscious and soul memory, it will take time to work through its transformation. Once we are aware of our pride, and make conscious effort to deal with it, we will have much clarity and honesty about our relationships, ourselves, and our own life. The change will not happen overnight, however, the more we are aware, the more we can change our energy. With awareness, willingness, determination, discipline, patience, and perseverance, we can change it. As we truly let it go, we will be amazed to see how much our life has positively changed and how happy we have become. Indeed, we truly have transformed to be a better soul.

On the other hand, we should be proud of ourselves without being to prideful. We are proud of ourselves when we have faced a fear or a challenge; when we have overcome an obstacle or have gone through a difficult situation; when we have done something that makes us and others feel good, positive, and confident. When we are in the state of being proud, we simply express our positive feelings without ego or selfishness. Proud without ego gives us joy, happiness, dignity, and integrity, and helps us truly appreciate ourselves and others, builds our confidence and courage without ego, and motivates us to reach our greatest potential. When we are truly proud of ourselves, our heart is singing and joyful; we truly believe in ourselves, and we feel invincible. When it comes to relationships with others, the state of being proud is inclusive, open, expressive, communicative, and sharing….

It is important for us to genuinely feel proud of who we are and what we are, and to have true self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, self-value, and self-respect. We are all created as an unique, special, and important soul by the energy of God or Ultimate Being. Yet, we should not put anyone above us, or below us.  Be truly proud of our own uniqueness and feel special, yet, be humbled and have an open heart to share with each other, to have respect for each other, to appreciate each other’s uniqueness and equality, and to support and help each other.  We are all souls on the path of soul evolution. Together, we can build a new earth and a new human community operated with an open heart, and without ego and the Self.