Primary Spiritual Task

In spirituality, we have only one primary task which is to accept and love ourselves, and then pretty much all those things that really matter spiritually will fall nicely into place.

If we can really accept and love ourselves, we would not be as easily sidetracked by self-judgment or self-doubt, nor as easily offended by another’s judgment or criticism, for we would be so busy loving ourselves that we have no time and energy to bother about the negative, be they within or without.

As we become more accepting and loving of ourselves, not only will we have a lesser need to impress others (or justify ourselves to others) but also a greater desire to listen to, understand, and express ourselves — to empower, realize, and actualize ourselves.

We’ve got be loving to ourselves if we want the universe to be loving to us because the universe (or universal “I”) is none other than we ourselves and it can only be as kind and loving to us as we are toward ourselves.

Our energy radiates from inside out and we cannot truly love others without first loving ourselves. If we happen to find it hard loving others, we should consider going back to basics and focus on loving ourselves first. And once our vibration is high enough and our energy expansive enough, we would be able to feel that others exist within our presence (or see that they exist within our awareness) and are thus a part of us rather than apart from us, and to love ourselves would result naturally, automatically and eventually in loving others, as we grow increasingly aware of our universal presence.

Last but certainly not least, we accept others for who they are as they are not only because they need it in order to feel good but also because we need it in order to feel peace, and within us these two needs converge and find fulfillment when we accept ourselves for who we are as we are.

It is an absolute joy accepting and loving ourselves, which is a joy we can frequently and freely have, yet also a joy many of us in our busy and outward-focused lives often neglect and rarely choose to have.