Nervous energy flowed through me that first night of the ten week intuitive development class I had signed up for. With no idea what to expect, I finally resigned myself to be open to whatever my experience would bring and hoped for at least an interesting night. Little did I know just how interesting that weekly class would become.

After taking my seat, I glanced around the room at the other individuals attending and figured I was the least knowledgeable of all things metaphysical. In all my forty-something years of life on this earth, I’d never really given much thought to what psychic, intuitive, mediumship or anything related to those words meant.

During the first part of the class I sat captivated with what my teacher, Margaret McElroy, was sharing. I knew very little of what she spoke of with regards to the levels of consciousness and communicating with those who had passed to spirit. What happened next surprised me. Margaret went around the circle sharing what she saw each of us doing with our intuitive abilities. When she told me I was to be a psychic artist, I sat stunned if not speechless. Me? An artist? I could almost swear I heard a bit of laughter inside my head. Certainly she must’ve made a mistake; I had absolutely no artistic training. How could I be a psychic artist or any kind of artist for that matter? But she held firm in her revelation to me.  At the end of class, Margaret mentioned to me that I should read a particular book from her library. It was written by Coral Polge who just happened to be a psychic artist. I was excited to read that book as I had no idea of what psychic art was or how to develop that gift.

The whole week between that first and second class, I devoured Coral’s book. Except for the fact that she had artistic training, her life sounded a lot like mine with regards to becoming a psychic artist. I wanted so much to meet or talk to her and began searching online for contact information. Imagine my surprise when I found that she had passed away years earlier. My heart sank. In my mind I wondered why Margaret would have me read a book about a psychic artist that I couldn’t contact.

I asked Margaret at the next class and her answer took me by surprise. She wanted me to read the book of the person who was now working with and through me from spirit! You could’ve knocked me over with a feather!  Though my question was answered, I still could not fathom how that was going to work. As I completed each weekly session of class, I began to understand the process. It was a cross between automatic writing and allowing spirit to impress information along with images into my head.

I started out with rough pencil drawings and within 5 months was producing sketches that I to this day still sit in awe of. Never in a million years would I have been able to imagine where this would take me in life. Learning to work with spirit is a journey for sure but amazing things can come or be accomplished when one learns to work together with your guides.

Since that class four years ago, Coral and other guides have assisted me in channeling many books and sketches. She has taught me much about art as well as helped me to develop my own personal style of drawing and painting.

My novels and art come from hours of meditation as well as personal experiences of growth on my spiritual path. Being blessed with this amazing gift has allowed me to assist others on their own spiritual journey by drawing portraits of their past lives, guides or loved ones in spirit. Every chance I get I encourage others who are creative to simply trust what they are given which then allows their intuitive abilities to grow and expand. I consider myself simply the conduit for spirit to work through me. I am amazed at the messages and portraits that I am given for others. The healing energy infused by spirit into each piece of art benefits more than just my client and encourages me to keep doing the work that I do.

I’m very grateful for following my inner voice and having the courage to take a hugely important step of attending that first class. I can’t imagine where I would be right now if I hadn’t. Following my inspired creativity has brought joy into my life and opened doors I never dreamed possible. You just don’t realize where your gifts or talents will lead but unless you are willing to take that step forward, you might never find out.