Since being in India, my attention has been drawn to the fact that many people have pyramids in their home or even over their houses, and this trend disturbs me. It can be deadly for someone who is ill, and even worse mentally ill to spend more than a few hours per day in a Pyramid. As a long term investigator and user of pyramids, I am alarmed at the number of people who are suffering and having problems because of the over use of pyramid energy. If the energy is used in a minimal way, then it can be a wonderful healing tool, but if abused by spending too much time in the pyramid, then it can actually do harm and create serious health problems. Pyramids are designed to give energy yes, that is true, BUT if used for too many hours, such as all day and actually if people live in a pyramid, for those who are ill and mentally ill, it can be like lighting a torch to a fire! If left in a pyramid for too long, the mint herb; fresh in the morning can be dried up by evening. Believe me, I have seen it with my own eyes. You can then see the over-use of pyramid energy.

Too much energy will dry the hair and skin, it will drain you of energy, some people complain of difficulty sleeping and having difficulty from being tired and lethargic. If one has an illness, if spending too much time in the pyramid, it can actually make their illness worse! To begin with a person wishing to use the pyramid for raising the vibration should first of all,. drink the water which has been under a pyramid. This builds up the immunity of the body, and after a few weeks of this, they should then begin a half hour sit daily in the pyramid. After two weeks increase the time to 1 hour daily, until one has got to 4 hours. The time can be split into two sessions of 2 hours, morning and evening, or afternoon and evening, but the time spent in the pyramid should not exceed 4 hours. The most one should spend in the pyramid is 6 hours, not more!

Anyone with mental challenges health wise, or with frail or weak health should never sit in a pyramid, just drink the water from under a pyramid daily. Sitting under a pyramid can actually shorten your life instead of prolonging it, if you have a small pyramid at home, try putting a sprig of herbs under it in the morning at 8am and then look at it at 5pm, and you will see what I mean, then understand this is what is happening to your skin and body after too much time in the pyramid. In Las Vegas, the Luxor Hotel built to exact size of an Egyptian pyramid, have had to build a second part of the hotel, an add on known as the tower because so many people could not live there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Pyramids are wonderful tools for healing and rejuvenation, we use them in our center and have seen some amazing results over the years, but only from those spending 4 hours at the least a day in the pyramid. So, if you have someone around you who is using a pyramid, and has health problems still, just know the energy of a pyramid can be amazing, but only if used in moderation, too much and serious problems can occur. After my tour of India, I will be making a video with Maitreya of questions and answers on the pyramid and its energies.

by Margaret McElroy