Questions, Seeking Answers, Switching on the Light

Does there have to be a reason for everything? Or are some things just meant to happen for no reason? I know that we are meant to learn lessons, experience (or re-experience) things just to put them away. Perhaps it is that we don’t always need to know the reason; we are just meant to have the experience.

And so, I wonder about this pandemic. Another variant? Isolation again? What’s the reason? What’s the lesson? Did we not learn the first and second time so we are being tested again? Or perhaps – are we on the wrong path to solving/learning this major lesson, living through this super drama? Did we become too complacent with wanting to return to the old ways like before the pandemic? We certainly did not change much; we need to change more.

I trust, and listen closely for inner guidance. I am vaccinated, but I question. I do not rely totally on it, but rather mindfully ask that it assist my physical being with staying healthy or leave my body. I eat well, take vitamins, don’t do anything crazy. I meditate and spend time in nature to balance body, mind and spirit. And I wonder… what can be done in order to shift the mentality of fear that permeates our world, and the desire for a quick miracle cure from an unnatural source such as a drug? Perhaps therein lies the answer – we are looking to old ways to save us, for someone out there to tell us what to do. We accept too easily. Examples: “Take this drug, it will make you safe.” “Our profits must remain high so our rich investors will remain wealthy and continue to re-invest some.” “It doesn’t matter how healthy your food is, as long as you have food and you’re not hungry.” “War brings prosperity.” Don’t Look Up! (Good movie on Netflix!)

These are not the changes that are needed for our good and the good of the planet/universe. We must search for good within ourselves and within the world. We must seek natural sources for our food. Fund farms and gardens. Stop the use of additives that make our food cheaper and not nutritious. Manifest through meaningful ways. Share what we don’t need rather than waste it. Spend on goods and services that nurture us and are natural.

Oh, such lofty thoughts! But all possible. Will it take revolution? Resolution? I put the intention out there and I try, in my own creative way, to be the change I desire in the world. It always begins with me.

In Maitreya Speaks: The More People Can Pray, The More Light, Maitreya says, “It is hard to remain positive when so many issues are causing strife and trouble around the world. The more people that can verbalize and pray, the more light that can enter and make change. Each one of you is a beacon of light, switch on the lamp and make this Earth plane a brighter place. Not only will you feel uplifted yourself, but you will also uplift the world. It seems a huge task, yet it is not. Switch on the light!”

I may never know the reasons and the lessons and the answers to my questions until this earthly existence is done. Yet I still put the questions out there, for I believe that it is important to ask. And I write. I let the words flow through me to heal my body and my mind. I write to allow Spirit (my own and all those with me) to heal, to message, and to inspire. I write to ‘switch on the light’. And I am ever so grateful for the gift of sharing this and assisting with opening this flow for others; for individually together we can “make this Earth plane a brighter place”.

©Linda Zeppa

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