Raising Awareness via Understanding Your Astrological Makeup
by Jean Luo

“Your incarnation is for you to change your behavior from the past and grow and expand in consciousness.” ~ Maitreya from Maitreya Quotes App

We are all souls on the journey of soul evolution. Sooner or later, at a certain stage of our life, we start to ask ourselves, “Who am I? Why am I here? What am I here for?” It is indeed that when you start to ask these questions, your inner light from your soul is on, and you begin to try and make sense of everything that has happened in your life, and you and your life begin to change accordingly as if once you were blind and now you can see. I call this process “the awakening” process.  Your soul awakens to the illusion of the world. It is like you were sleeping in the darkness and now you are walking towards the light. You start to climb the ladder of raising your vibration to higher consciousness. Every soul is on this journey; every soul has the opportunity. But this has to be every soul’s own choice! Each of us has chosen our own time to awaken our soul and to consciously start our soul’s evolutionary journey.

From the instant were born into this world, we were put into the environment and conditioning that we ourselves chose before we were born; and we started our path of learning in the school of life on the earth plane. Unfortunately, we are carrying a heavy load of past life energy into this incarnation. We, in fact, live at least 85% of our lives in this past life energy. The way we think, our actions, our likes and dislikes, our habits, our conditioning, etc. are all a result of us acting out from our own deep subconscious past life memories. It is our past life energies that create our fear, doubt, insecurity, anxiety, jealousy, anger, unhappiness, dis-ease, and other ‘negative’ emotions in our present life. Most of us have no awareness and are simply controlled and manipulated by our past life energies. As a result, we are repeating or reliving our past lives without any idea about it!

You may ask, “How can I raise my vibration and attain higher consciousness?” The answer is simple: Focus on you and your life. You are here to 1) work out your outstanding karmic debt; 2) work through your past life energy from your own deep subconscious, and 3) learn your own chosen life lessons from your life experiences. Everything that happens in your life is a playground for you to work on the above-mentioned 3 major tasks; Everyone in your life serves as a mirror and a teacher to help you learn from the above-mentioned 3 major tasks so that you can raise your vibration and grow in spirit. Hopefully, you can eventually graduate from your earthly learning and complete your earthly incarnations.

Your natal chart is the blueprint and road map of your present life. It contains the above-mentioned 3 major tasks that you intend to accomplish in this incarnation. Be aware of your astrological makeup – your conscious identity and how to make it shine (Sun), your temperament, past life tendencies, habits, and conditioning (Moon and South Node), your anger, aggression, and will power (Mars), your deepest wound, and self-healing path (Chiron), your greatest fear and hardest life lesson (Saturn), your beliefs (Jupiter), your mind (Mercury), your feelings and values (Venus), how you can think out of the box, change (Uranus), your imaginative and illusional power (Neptune), where you will undergo transformation (Pluto). Work on yourself by taking a ride with the planetary movements, you will free yourself from all the restrictions and limitations and become the true creator of your own reality.

“In your natal chart are all the answers to your very being – to your life lessons and to those lessons you have brought back with you to learn again. You cannot move forward spiritually until you become aware of this.”  ~ Maitreya from Maitreya Quotes App Thus, the best gift that you can give yourself is to do an in-depth natal chart reading. To find out who you truly are from your astrological makeup, so that you can purposefully live your life according to your life plan and start your journey of raising your vibration to higher consciousness.