Randomness? Not Really 😊

One thing that I learned from my journey with Margaret and Maitreya is that nothing is in fact, Random!

Margaret often told the background story of the marriage to her first husband whom she had written a dear John letter to while he was away on a deployment to the Middle East in the Army, abruptly ending their relationship. As the story goes, she is enjoying a 3-day weekend with a girlfriend away from home and she decides to go home a day early on a Sunday evening. The friend begs her to stay another night so they could party some more, and Margaret finally gives in and decides to stay and catch a bus bright and early the next morning. As she gets to the bus stop there is a lady sitting on the bench with her two little kids waiting for the same bus. As Margaret begins to visit with her, she finds out the lady has come from another town and is heading to Margaret’s hometown to visit her nephew who has just gotten back from a deployment to the Middle East. She tells Margaret he is extremely depressed because his girlfriend had dumped him while he was away. To make a long story short, this encounter led to them getting back together and they were married a couple months later. As Margaret said, “who put her and the aunt at the bus stop that morning?” The aunt had traveled several hours to get to that bus stop and had missed the prior bus. Margaret was going to go home the night before, but the girlfriend talked her out of it. Quite a coincidence that all this fell into place, or was it?

I had many of these experiences with Margaret and Maitreya, and as I look back on my life it is easy to see that rather than random events, things transpire to put us in places or situations to allow us to trigger something. These random choices or actions can lead to some very interesting outcomes that we may or may not realize have true significance and impact on our journey of life if only we are aware.

I recently had a rather random experience that on reflection is quite funny, I haven’t completely processed its significance or lack of, but I thought I would share! 😊

Jean and I’s dream for the future is buying some land so that we can build a Maitreya retreat center. So, the other morning a thought pops into my head about a little town about 100 miles south of Seattle called Raymond. I decide to do a Google Earth search to view the area and see what kind of lakes or rivers and nature is in the area. Ironically, what catches my eye as I view the area is a historical marker signifying a grave site called Willie Keil’s Grave. The story of Willie is quite a tale, his father had founded a religious colony in Bethel Missouri. In 1855, Willie, age 19 was getting ready to accompany his father and their community as they moved west to avoid religious persecution. Unfortunately, Willie contracted Malaria and died a few days before departure. Rather than leave Willie behind, they built a wooden barrel and lined it with lead and put Willie’s body inside and filled it with Whisky. 6-months and 2,000 miles later they reached the Willapa Valley. Ironically, the father found the climate too cold and damp for farmland and moved further south into Oregon, but they left Willie and a few behind and that is where he now rests.

Wow, what lessons were involved in the father’s decisions to creatively bring Willie’s remains on the journey, pickled in Whisky? What led me to this crazy, but interesting and intriguing story? I felt strongly that we needed to take a road trip down to see Willie, so Jean, Korinne, Ratna and I headed south last weekend and 2.5 hours later we found Willie’s final resting place.

Ironically, my sleep that night was restless, and I woke every hour having to relieve myself of fluids, i.e., Pee! LOL During trip number 5 of 7 to the toilet to relieve myself, a sleepy and groggy, but Random thought popped into my head that I was Willie. Who knows, but when I weighed myself in the morning, I had lost 3 lbs. of water weight, or possibly, passed 3 lbs. of whisky from the past life! LOL

I said to Jean in the morning, you know I think I may have been Willie and she said, “When we were at the grave site, that’s what I was given also”. LOL

Maitreya often stressed to me to be aware of everything that unfolds in life, because everything happens for a reason. Try and be aware of what’s happening each day, there may be a kernel of learning or some significant piece of energy that upon release will allow you to move forward on your journey of soul evolution.

Have a great month,