Reality Check

As I view a lot of internet postings and shares during this time of high emotion as Covid-19 rattles our world, I am taken back to when all the hype and misinformation centered around Y2K. Airplanes were going to fall out of the sky and all the wall street computers for the stock market would crash toppling the financial system of the world. The list was endless.

We are now 20-years later, and Facebook is on steroids compared to when Y2k was going to end life as we knew it. The platform is easily hijacked to play on people’s emotions and fear. Through the art of deception and misleading information, your Facebook feed can turn into a weapon to disseminate propaganda and misinformation. It is analytically fine-tuned to harvest your likes and dislikes to create your own echo chamber of thought based upon your emotions.

Unfortunately, if you fail to do some investigation on the information on your timeline or the news story being shared, your emotional driven re-share could have consequences you never intended. I know we are living in an emotional moment of time, but some of the stuff being shared around Covid-19 needs a “Reality Check”!  I can always find 1 doctor or someone who I think has credibility that is going to discount the other 99 doctors to feed my emotional moment. In the end, we all get to make the choice, but at least do some basic research first. You might find that drinking disinfectant may kill you before the virus has a chance. Is Bill Gates really trying to take over the world with vaccine’s as part of a deep-state cabal? I know the time I spent watching him speak and going to some of the fact-checking sites easily proved my points from above where the Facebook platform has been hijacked to disseminate propaganda and unrest. You may disagree with his journey, but I would challenge you to evaluate it from the perspective of the collective-self sowing unrest.

I remember back in 2004 when Maitreya explained to me the purpose of the internet. He emphasized that its true purpose was to promote the free flow of information and to remove censorship. This would allow people to have access to as much information as possible. It would be a gateway of knowledge to assist them to make their own decisions as they became the Masters of their own life. As with all things on the Earth Plane, it did not take the collective self-aspect of humanity long to figure out how this powerful tool could also be used to cloud a person’s “truth” through the medium of digital misinformation and propaganda targeted squarely at their emotional buttons. The result, our self wants us to waste our energy on the external world when Mastership rests with our own personal issues that need to be faced and addressed through our life lessons of our individual journey.

I am brought back to 2005 when I would constantly give Margaret a bad time about how she seemed to put the British Royal family on a pedestal. To me, why were they any better than me, Charles had his affair with Camila, Lady Di had died in questionable circumstances, Prince Harry was getting into trouble as he turned 21, etc. Bottom line, I was judging them and their positions no different than I see people judging Gates, or even Trump for their success and what they choose to do with their money and time. Maitreya hit me between the eyes with, ‘And You Call Yourself Spiritual? They are on their soul journey just like you, what gives you the right to judge them? Don’t let the self-aspect distract you to the issues external to you.’ Of course, one of my main life lessons is Judgement, which I struggle with every day. Maybe I am even judging you today, but I think we all need a Reality Check in this time of upheaval; what should we really be focusing our energy on?

Here is a fact checking site I use and an interesting Ted talk on Disinformation and Propaganda. In the end, you are your own Master and must make choices that resonate with you. As Maitreya would often say, use Discernment.

On the bright side, I found a tool on Facebook where I can Snooze someone’s posts for 30 days, my self is telling me if I do not see something, I cannot judge it! LOL

Have a good month,