As I entered my forties, I began to question everything about life. It was as though a switch went off in my head. My thinking on things suddenly changed and I took on a new perspective. Since then I’ve come to understand that ALL life has purpose. It’s commonly known or talked about in the metaphysical realm. Have any of you ever wondered exactly what that meant? It’s not simply about plants yielding their fruit as food for humans and animals to survive. Nor is it just about trees that are cut down and used for lumber or paper.

Mankind collectively as well as individually has a purpose. We’re not a random occurrence simply plopped down into a planet then told, “OK. Now, exist.” It’s not simply with no rhyme or reason.

First, we as divine beings eagerly desired to come to Earth. We saw Earth as a sort of ‘holodeck’ for our cosmic consciousness. As cosmic beings we want to experience another facet of life. One that is more tangible, physical and stacked with the emotions that go along with it. Sure there are other planets that one can experience that sort of existence on but the difference here is that we would be allowed Free Will. Free Will gives us the ability to decide for ourselves, right or wrong, what we want to do or experience here.

Maybe at some point we wanted to experience what it was like to be a great warrior therefore chose the life of a Native American chief. Then at another we wanted to be a great inventor, inspired to come up with creative solutions to every day questions or needs. In any case, our desire to be able to feel, see, touch, smell, hear and sense life could be accomplished by incarnating in a somewhat controlled environment. With Free Will, the timelines we choose to investigate are manipulated by the choices we make in every given moment. These choices can change the timeline we originally set up for ourselves to experience.  That’s what makes Earth such a special place.

Not enough people can see that or even fathom that we’re in control of our own destinies. We set it up prior to coming here and will continue to do so until we feel we’ve gotten everything out of our experiences here or if ever the ‘holodeck’ is shut down.

When folks complain about their lives it’s only because they don’t have full memory of what they came here to do or experience. This can prompt some people to go hunting for their purpose in life or reason for living. Depending on religious beliefs or how we were raised to think, we pigeon hole ourselves into the notion that someone else is out there calling the shots on our lives. Then when things go badly we seek to blame others rather than take the responsibility for it ourselves. Everything happens for a reason. It’s in the grand design or scheme of things.

When we are in spirit and planning the life we’ll soon embark upon, we investigate every possible scenario and outcome. Then we do a dry run of that lifetime to help us work out any kinks in the chain that might keep us from experiencing what we want to achieve. Some in metaphysics believe that when we have experiences of déjà vu it’s simply the memory of our experience during the dry run.  Thus, we know ahead of time what issues may come up. However, it all of course depends on the Free Will decisions we make while incarnated as to what exactly the experience will ultimately be.

Now I remind you that we incarnate here with no memory of our purpose. It’s like reading a book. If you know the story and how it will end why would you read the book?

There are those who throw their hands up in desperation of their chosen lifetimes. They find the existence too difficult and simply don’t want to live it anymore. Those souls generally abandon that life by way of suicide. They get sidetracked by the curveballs that life brings their way and become confused, severely depressed then they give up and bail. Hard as it may be to accept there should be no judgment here for this is their choice. The family and friends left behind grieve and blame their loved one because they don’t understand this. They often accuse their loved ones of being selfish. While yes it does seem selfish it was that soul’s decision and no one else’s to make. We don’t come here to experience what others want us to but what we want to.

Then you have many who simply have no idea why they’re here and just want to carry on their lives unaware that there is a bigger picture and reason for being alive. That is also their choice. They feel there’s nothing else and all they can do is simply exist until they no longer exist.

Finally, you have those few who look between the cracks of life. They know there’s more out there than meets the eye. They can feel it. In a way it calls to them. Their desire is to step outside the box of reality as we know it and get beyond what can only be seen and touched. They yearn to know what their purpose in coming here is. They seek it out, learn about it, acknowledge it then attempt to live it. Many of them find that once they are aware of their purpose in life, things seem to just unfold before them. If there are roadblocks that get thrown into their path, they understand why. That it’s for their learning. They’re grateful for the knowing because to know why something is happening often helps a person get through it easier. It’s much like swimming in the sea. Flowing to shore with the assistance of the waves is easier than fighting against them. If one understands the reason for the waves then they cease struggling to swim against them and begin to work with them, eventually getting to where they want to go. When this happens to people in their lifetime, a sense of encouragement sets in and propels them to continue on their life’s journey. They also understand that they should soak in every aspect of this learning because it’s why they came in the first place.

I encourage you to ask, seek out what your lesson in life is; the reason why you chose this experience. Sometimes you can get this information from others who are highly intuitive but with an open mind and assistance from your guides, you can also learn this for yourself.

Knowing your life’s purpose is half the battle. Having the courage to fulfill it is the other half.