Reflect – As A New Half-Year Begins!

Sometimes it feels like time drags on and things aren’t happening fast enough, and yet this year seems to be flying by. We are already half way through 2024! The powers that be (my Masters and Guides) are urging us to pause and reflect at this half-year, as we normally do at a new year. I encourage all to do so. As we move into the second half of another tumultuous year, take time to reflect.

Look at what was. Feel, but do not dwell only on the sadness or anger of what was. Rather, reflect on the lessons learned, what occurred that made you who you are today. The message I was given is this:

Over – finished – above

Interesting how one small word can mean so much.

When you come to the realization that something is over (finished, done), you can rise above (over) with new knowledge, new essence.

Your energy is different. The molecules have shifted and you are open.


Reflect on what you see ahead.  Maitreya says, “When you let go of the past, you can create the future in a far better way.” (Maitreya Quotes App) Know the possibilities, with the awareness that possibilities change as growth occurs and all unfolds. It is fine to make plans and set goals, but set nothing in stone. Be open to new, different, and beyond. Here is the message I was given:

Expectations. The way things should be.

Yet there really is no one way that things should be. There are as many ways as there are fish in the sea, birds in the air, animals on the land, people on this planet and spirits everywhere.

Step beyond perceived expectations. Be open to what is.

It unfolds in unexpected ways – sometime uncomfortable until adjustments occur.

Most importantly, reflect on you, as is, now, in this present moment. When you look at your reflection, really SEE! See the beautiful being that you are. See the presence of wisdom – from lives lived, from lessons learned, potential. Feel surrounded by the love and support of Spirit, Guides, Angels. Choose to reflect this beautiful, wise, loving being back to all who look at you.  Cherish your creative skills, and use them to reflect outwardly the beautiful being that lies within.

And so it is.

 Accept what is over. Let it become the past.

Be in the moment without firm expectations.

Trust that you are being propelled along a path of good.



Writing (or your intuitive creative gift) is a wonderful way to let energy flow and bring out the wisdom of our reflections. I encourage all to do so.

May you be blessed with learnings and yearnings in the second half of 2024.  Let peace and joy, love and light, flow your way.

©Linda Zeppa is an author, writer, educator, intuitive development coach and guide, a writing coach and guide and editor. For more information see or contact