Reflecting on the Unfolding Story

The past year has not been what anyone ever expected.

Sometimes life deals what we never would or could imagine.

And yet we move on…and make it amazing,

with people and experiences that we never dreamed of,

feelings and emotions deeper than deep,

beyond anything that we have ever known;

fear that rocks us to the core,

twists of terror that rip the soul,

red-hot anger to burn the brain,

hatred meant to harden the heart.

Yet joy that allows forgetting,

gratitude for every breath that brings new life, new hope,

laughter to soothe the soul

and a peace that we never knew or forgot that we had.

Maitreya says, “There are no ‘bad’ experiences, only learning opportunities.”

Allow your story to unfold,

Word by word

Sentence by sentence

Chapter by chapter.

You can’t dwell in the same word over and over.

You can’t go back to a sentence that’s already been written.

You can’t peek at the final chapter because it isn’t there yet.

Fill the pages now as they come along.

The story unfolds beyond your control,

with sorrow beyond belief,

fear outside your wildest imagination,

joys you never felt before,

gratitude, love and peace deeper than the deep.

Maitreya says, “Give yourself honor! You are a beautiful soul on a very difficult path, your earthly existence. Unless you honor yourself the path can seem harder.”

And so it is.

©Linda Zeppa

Author, writer, educator, Intuitive Development Coach and Guide, Writing Coach and Guide, Editor. For more information see or contact