Here are my reflections from the summer of 2017. The energy of transition and change is powerful.

As my sister lays dying

my mind goes blank

and the tears gather.

Not for her – or maybe a little.

“No more suffering!” I want to shout.

She looks in peace and yet I know.

She hears. Her awareness is keen.

She wants to move on…yet what holds her back?

One last lesson? For her? For someone else?

Long goodbyes are the hardest.

Slipping away slowly from this lifetime that we try so hard to hold onto,

unaware of the beauty, the peace, the glory of the beyond.


As many of you know, my sister Karen passed on to spirit on July 30. Karen is a mother (with daughters 17 and 19 years old, and daughter Annie who in 1995 lived in this world for only 2 days), a loving demanding partner, a wise fun honest friend, and my little sister. Karen’s life journey brought her through eight years of illness as cancer, and the treatments of cancer, eroded her physical body. I have been with her through so many joys and sorrows, and she has with me, as our life journeys were meant to cross. Our spiritual understanding and acceptance of each other was unique. I was with her as sister, friend and caretaker during the last several months. What a mix of emotions … processing within me, but also constantly swirling around me as I process with other.

I remember Margaret speaking of the beyond. She spoke of the beauty and peace. She said, “What if hell is really right here?” I thought of this often as I watched my sister slowly leave this world and assisted others with the acceptance of this. In the end I felt such sorrow for the physical loss of my sister, yet such joy for this wonderful spirit moving to that beautiful peaceful beyond. And I envisioned Margaret among the many welcoming her. I don’t feel that they are gone. I know they are around us – still loving and caring and joyful and mischievous – as they continue their journey in a whole different space, beyond what we can only try to imagine until our journey here is complete and it is time for us to transition as well.

When I returned to this area a few years ago, Spirit said that I was needed here to assist with transitions. And so it is (with more to come as it is continuous). Karen’s journey of transition, as Margaret’s last year, brings transition to me as well…change that catapults me far beyond anything imaginable.

And so it is…

As peace settles in

In the depth of my soul

Acceptance of things I cannot change

Acceptance of change that I can grasp and move with

A flow that exists for me

As I stumble and make my way.

This journey is not easy

Yet joy is still there

Laughter still rings

Learning always.

Let tears flow

Let laughter abound

Let words heal

For all is as it should be

As my journey continues.


Check out this amazing song by Carly Simon. The chorus is from an old poem by William Penn who lived in the 1600s.

“Life is eternal, love is immortal and death is only a horizon

and a horizon is nothing, save the limit of our sights.”

Linda Zeppa

I am an intuitive coach and guide, a writing coach and guide, a writer and an editor.