With the shifting of the South Node to Libra and the North Node to Aries on July 17th, personal and working relationships will be a focus of learning for all of us over the next 18 months. So, be aware of how you can collaborate, but not lose your independence. How can you compromise, but not lose your drive to act. How can you be true to yourself but be fair to the other party. It will be a delicate dance, so try and keep the perspective that this is just an opportunity for soul growth. The Universe is going to provide us with many interesting interactions. Try and be aware that these interactions are learning opportunities for us. Don’t let emotions that are triggered sidetrack you, try and grasp the big picture. Take the deep breath and ask, “What am I supposed to be learning from this relationship?” Only you can answer the question.

 Maitreya’s Wisdom Card #68 – Relationships, discusses how all relationships are for soul growth. You choose them before you are born in order for you to resolve karmic debts, release past life energy and to learn life lessons.

Maitreya’s channeling on Family gives great insight into the struggles to be your own master within your family unit.

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