I don’t know about you, but for me life seems to be moving from one past life experience to another.  For the past few years I have been dealing with a particularly difficult past life experience with my neighbors who share our semi-detached house.  Having my own space where I can recharge my batteries is vital for me.  However, after a year of living here I began to hear the neighbors all the time when I was in my bedroom.  Actually even when I couldn’t hear them I could feel their energy and it was just terrible for me.  I felt wronged and hard done by.  Every time I heard them I would flip and be unable to control my emotions.

I told Karen Downing about this and she told me that I owed them from a past life when I had been their father.  A couple of years later I asked Margaret about it and she told me to go into the woods and find out about the past life.  The trees showed me the past life and I could see an angry, frustrated drunken man who shouted at his kids (the neighbors) and then I saw the kids crying their hearts out in bed.  I continued walking and saw that I had done some terrible things to those kids.  Now I was paying back the karma I owed them, it really is true no one gets away with anything.  (Note to self, don’t do anything like that again!)

Still it was difficult and every time there was a badly aspected full moon/eclipse the situation flared up.  Bit by bit I was experiencing and releasing all the emotions from that life that were stored in my body and it wasn’t easy! I would lose it on a daily basis and was unable to heed the advice I was given.

In the past week however, all of a sudden things have changed.  I have released the last big chunk of the past life energy and I can see the whole situation in a different light. A lot of buried anger and emotion has gone and I feel so much lighter.  I am still not used to it but it feels good! People kept telling me I should thanks the neighbors and I hated hearing that however now I can see how much they have helped me. I feel so strong for what has happened and as terrible as it was (words can’t describe how terrible!) I am very glad it happened!