Releasing the Energy

I was on my morning walk with Jean the other day. It was 6:30 am, temperature was just above freezing, and we were engulfed in misty fog as we meandered thru our neighborhood. It was definitely a great setting to get lost or consumed in the emotions of past actions and circumstances of my life. For some reason I felt a lot of sadness within me, and it teetered on the edge of guilt as I pondered the impact of some of my actions from the perspective of those people that were impacted by my actions.

In one of my conversations with Maitreya prior to leaving India, he recommended that I should contact my 1st wife at some time in the future. He didn’t explain other than there was some unfinished energy that could be released. This conversation with Maitreya took place in 2016 about 2-months before Margaret’s sudden passing. Fast forward 5 years to 2021, during an 800-mile road trip to visit a friend who had played a big part in my life 40-plus years earlier in the 1980’s. While there, I get an intuitive prompting early one morning to try and connect with my ex-wife who still lives close to where my friend resides. Even though it’s been 35 years since we last communicated, she promptly answers my text and agrees to meet up with me over coffee.

It was good to see her and exchange the high points of our lives since our divorce but sitting there sipping my coffee I could see and feel the immense hurt from our breakup that was repressed within her. She had spent 35-years successfully moving forward with her professional career, but at the same time she had quite effectively buried the emotional pain of abandonment, betrayal, and aloneness that she had endured when I made the choice to end things. There is an old saying, “out of sight, out of mind,” but when dealing with the evolution of the soul and unresolved energy, that is not how it works. After our meeting, I pondered what on earth prompted me to connect with her after 35-years? I know that if it had been up to me, with no Maitreya suggestion from 5-years earlier, when the prodding came, I probably would have disregarded it and let it pass.

So, as we continued our road trip and I’m lost within my thoughts peering through the windshield mile after mile, I was given the answer. Those in the world of spirit needed to pull the plug on the energy she had repressed so that she would be pressed to evaluate the energy once again. Spirit had essentially pulled the scab off a deep wound in the soul that for the most part, she had effectively buried. Why would they do that? Are they that cruel? The answer is those in the world of spirit assist us to release trapped energy we have chosen to work thru in our incarnation. Maitreya often stressed, “There are no accidents.” What would have happened if I had ignored the prompting, I know from my experiences with Margaret and Maitreya that they would have found another way. I can’t help but think that me being the initial source would also mean that I would be the most powerful trigger for her.

Now, back to me. As I’m engulfed in the fog of the morning walk, I am contemplating the other side of the equation, what about my actions, then and now? I by no means was perfect in my actions and choices. i.e., There is always testing and learning on both sides of the equation. I have Mercury, the planet of communications as a retrograde in my 11th house in the sign of Libra, the Moon and Venus in the 12th house of deep Karma in the sign of Scorpio, along with Saturn the planet of our hardest life lesson in the 1st house of self-confidence. So, as I was traversing the fog, I was battling the Self that wanted me to get caught up in self-doubt and guilt over the choices I had made. Just as my ex was now re-visiting the energy, I was now having my own testing of not getting pulled into the emotions of my past actions. Each of us gets to make the choices in the present how we deal with the energy that the Universe craftily finds a way to reactivate and bring to the surface for another look or test. Do we learn from it, or do we repress it, the choice is up to the person staring at you in the mirror each and every morning? 😊

I often pinch myself that I followed the promptings back in 2003 to open the door to Maitreya and his wisdom of how the game of life works. If you’d like to learn more about how to navigate your journey, Jean and I are going to do an online seminar on March 5th, click the following link to learn more and signup. Understanding the Purpose of Life and How to Play with It    

Have a great month,