Remember, It’s Your Game, Your Illusion, and Your Story!

Here we are in the grip of the greatest pandemic in a 100-years, but life and our experiences go on. Today NASA (America’s space agency) and Elon Musk’s private company Space X made history by launching a manned rocket into space just as many American cities are under curfew as rioters are revolting against another case of the police killing an unarmed black man.

Think of the millions of individuals involved in the above worldly events. What unique choices has each soul made that has put them exactly where they are today? What successes and failures, joys and sorrows have each of them enjoyed or endured to reach this point? How about the learning opportunities going forward based on the choices they are making right at this moment?

It’s extremely easy to get caught up in the emotions of the moment, but at the end of the day life continues, and with it, the life lessons we have chosen, unfold within the moment. Past Life energy is brought to the surface to be dealt with and Karmic situations are created that allow us an opportunity to pay or receive Karma debt. Often, we don’t see any of this clearly because the ‘Self’ uses the emotions of the moment to mask the ‘learning experience’ the Universe is putting in front of us.

Are you the engineer who helped develop the navigation system of the rocket who will enjoy a moment of success or setback in their career; the young man that will lose a parent or grandparent to the virus and go through sorrow, heartache and loss; a policemen who will be faced with a choice that could determine his future? So many different scenario’s with so many possible outcomes based on the choices we all get to make every day of our life no matter what is going around us.

This is the game of life, it’s your illusion, but it’s your story. Yes, we interact with many individuals, but at the end of the day it is our successes and failures, joys and sorrows that constitute our learning as we release past life energy, repay and receive karmic debt, and learn our chosen lessons in this lifetime. The real question in this moment of time that you should be asking is, ‘do you really understand that you are playing in the game of life and this game is specifically designed for your soul development? Or, are you just oblivious to your game as your emotions allow you to be swept away into the emotional situation that is just another person’s game and learning opportunity, as painful as it may seem? Focus on you, learn about yourself through your astrology. What is your soul purpose? Where will your main life lessons play out? Who are you karmically linked to? It’s all there in your natal chart, not in getting swept away in the emotions of the moment to save someone else from their learning circumstances no matter how painful they may seem.

Ironically, here is my Maitreya Wisdom Card for today, it speaks about turning your learning hardship into Gratitude for this moment of learning, no matter how difficult or painful the situation is. (Click Here to download a free copy of Maitreya Wisdom Card e-book)

Have a good month,