Why Do We Have Emotional Reactions to Others?
by Jean Luo

World change has greatly impacted our lives individually and collectively. Its impact is not only spiritually, but also physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. So many people are having health issues and financial problems. Uncertainty, insecurity, inability to hold onto the old and familiar way of life, and fear of losing control over our future, etc., has brought so much anger, fear, frustration, rage, and even hatred to the surface individually and collectively. People are acting out their intense emotional reactions towards each other as if people who do not make the same choices, or have different points of view to them, are their enemies and the cause of their problems. This emotional turmoil has created so much division, friction, conflicts, and disharmony in our human society at large, but it is also unfolding with profound consequences within our own homes and families as well.

Who is right? Who is wrong? The truth is that there is no right and wrong because every human soul is unique. Each has their own distinctive life lessons, past life energy trapped within them and Karma they’ve chose to repay or receive in this lifetime, thus, each soul is totally different from another. As such, everyone has his/her own truth. You may agree with his/her truth, or you may disagree. You are right in your own truth, but it does not make another person’s truth wrong. Everyone who incarnates on the Earth Plane is attending the school of life, learning their own chosen life lessons. One of the most important life lessons is to learn emotional detachment and total acceptance to ourselves and of others.

The process of change is designed to clear the old energy so that a new way of life can come into being. Releasing and clearing the trapped emotions in each of us is one of the most challenging, but necessary tasks in the process of change and soul evolution. Unfortunately, a large portion of society is driven by fear and insecurity, which inhibits them from rising above the emotions of the moment to see through the illusion of the learning situation they are in. We all know change is like the birthing process, it is not meant to be easy, and it will never be. However, if we can learn emotional detachment, nonresistance and to be objective, we can then go through change much quicker and easier. It is our fear of the unknown and the new, and our insecurity of being unable to control our way of life and future that has dragged us into our emotional quicksand and is therefore preventing us from making a peaceful transition.

We need to realize that most of our emotional reaction towards others is our own anger, fear, insecurity, and frustration with ourselves. Unfortunately, we do not realize that we are controlled by these emotions and how to deal with them, or we do not understand how to constructively release these emotions. We habitually try to repress these emotions or hold onto them until someone, or something triggers them, then we throw our emotions at the person or situation that was created by the Universe for our learning. We then tend to either blame others as if it is their fault or feel guilty with ourselves for not being able to control our own emotions as they wildly come to the surface.

Emotion is energy. All emotions are live energy. As an energy, it needs to flow. If not, it will become stagnant and create dis-ease in our body, mind, and Spirit. Fear, anger, resentment, frustration, depression, rage, hatred, etc. are all the signs of the repression of emotional energy. It needs to find an outlet to be released. As a result, those who aggravate us and make us angry are in fact the triggers to assist us to bring our unexpressed emotions to the surface. They are also the mirrors to show us what we do not want to see in ourselves or what we do not know is inside us. Yet, our reaction often tends to be, “no, I would never be like that, or I would never do things or say things like that.” It is true that we may not be like that in this life, but how do we know what we were like and what we did in our past lives? The past life energy is still outstanding in our subconscious soul memory and waiting for us to deal with it so that we can clear the energy and move forward to a new energy.

I can assure you that we do have the trait that the other has shown us, otherwise, we would not have had such a strong emotional reaction to their triggering moment. If we have the courage and willingness to find out the root of our reaction by going deep within, we will be truly in the process of Spiritual development. The mirrors are only presented in our life to show us what is within. Once we have dealt with the energy, the mirrors will disappear from our life. We will no longer react emotionally towards others.

“Humanity cannot free itself of anger until it realizes that it comes from within the soul.” ~ from Maitreya Quotes App

Be aware of your emotional reactions to people and things, it is an indicator of what resides deep within you. Only by looking within, can you change the mirror. By doing so, you are in the true process of change and ascension.