Respect Each Other’s Uniqueness
by Alan McElroy

I was just visiting Iceland where I took this picture of these two beautiful sheep with their majestic coats of wool all dressed up for winter. They seemed to be at complete peace with each other as the world in general is experiencing a lot of emotional turmoil and pain centered on ethnicity, color of skin or belief system to name but a few. Try and see the bigger picture and accept that we are all unique, but that we all came from the same spark of the divine. Dig deep and try and respect not only differences, but that we each have unique pathways leading us back to that divine spark.

Try and RESPECT other people’s views even if it is not your view. It does not have to be a contest to see if you can convince them of your viewpoint or belief system. Try and focus on you, it’s a big pasture out there, look around now and then, you may find someone that looks a little different than you that enjoys your company.

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