We have now finally settled down in Seattle Area, WA, USA; a place where I personally feel at home. Since 2012 when I was in my second Saturn Return, I went to India with Margaret, Alan and Ratna and my life has been a constant adventure filled with tests and trials. I have learned so much in living my earthly life metaphysically. I learned to not hold onto anyone or anything, but let go and let it flow. I learned to accept my imperfection, the dark and shadow side of myself with honesty so that I could work on improving myself. I learned about my Self and my Higher Self, and how to not allow my Self to sabotage me and how to let my Higher Self take charge of my life. I learned to appreciate my life and what life has brought to me. I have grown so much in spirit. India was definitely a perfect place to enable me to work on my karma, the dark and shadow energy in my subconscious and to learn many valuable life lessons so that I could grow from such an intensive learning process.

Our time in India came to the end in such a sudden and abrupt way. First of all, our India visa required us to leave India, at least temporarily in the early part of July. Secondly, our apartment lease needed to be renewed at the end of June. The owner did not want to give us monthly lease; instead, he wanted a year lease, which was impossible for us. Therefore, we were put in a position that we had to leave India no matter what as if the Universe was pushing us to leave India. In two days, we made our decision to leave India and to return Seattle, WA where we left for India four years ago.

Since we made the decision to return to Seattle, WA, everything began falling into place. The Universe provided all we needed. Two days later after our decision, we were on the plane flying back Seattle, WA, USA. Looking back on my life, I have been living in many countries – China, Japan, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Gurgaon, India, Hyderabad, India, and a few states in the United States: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Washington and California. Among all these places I have lived, the area around Seattle, WA in the United States is a place I can call my home with a feeling of pride. I have such a connection and special bond with this area. I don’t know why, but I feel I am at home just by thinking about it. I feel that it is the people there who have made me feel at home.

I moved to WA in 2006, and worked in Maitreya Seattle Learning and Healing Center, then Margaret M Center for Intuitive Arts. In those working years, I have met so many beautiful, incredible and amazing people. They all have shown me openness, acceptance, friendship and kindness. I feel at home by being with them. I felt such a strong connection and a sense of belonging while I was working there. I feel so fortunate to have met them on my life journey. The experiences I have gone through in the past four years away from WA has enabled me to be more grateful and appreciative to the life and the time I had in WA. I am so grateful for being able to return home!

I am so looking forward to working again in doing medical astrology readings, in depth astrology readings, past life regressions along with healing and intuitive counseling. I can serve the world no matter where you are in the world – in person, on the phone and via Skype. If you are interested in my services, please contact me, jean.luo@maitreya.co. I will give 25% off for whichever of my services you’d like to have in the whole month of July. You can also go to the following link to find all my services and then contact me via email. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for all your support!