This month, Alan and I return to the USA. We spent the last 14 months living in India. As usual, just as they did with me in 1995, when I went to the USA expecting one thing, and I got the complete opposite to what I expected. Spirit did not say anything to us, but we thought it was going to be an amazing experience. In fact it was the hardest learning we have ever had to go through.

Over the space of 1 year, we were stripped bare of who we were and we emerged totally transformed on all levels. Our friends Jean and Ratna came with us, and for Alan, Jean, Ratna and myself, it was a complete shock to discover we were not in India to work as much, but to free ourselves of emotions, fears and be brought to our knees to force us to change! I did work, but I also provided the energy for Alan, Jean and Ratna to free themselves of lifetimes of fear for Jean and Ratna, and anger for Alan. A lot of what they experienced was past life energy, with other people and experiences here in India, and it was not pleasant in what they had to go through. It forced all the change. For me, I had carried around within me the energy of another person, who although she only spent a short time in India, was such a strong personality; she controlled my life, all of my life. I was the same size as she had been, I had so much fear of everything, but it was her fear; remnants of energy from the past life she had lived, reincarnated, but with all the old energy still there, unreleased and dictating my life in this life.

To be honest, it was exhausting! Not only was I providing the energy for the others to release their past life issues, but also I was also dealing with releasing not only the life of the woman with me, but another life between Jean, Ratna, Alan and I.  I could not have worked hard had I wanted to, because all the energy I had was going into the clearing work I was doing. I did teach and did do readings, but nothing like I thought I would do; this enabled us to earn money, and to provide for the expenses here, spirit made sure as always we did not want, but I became a virtual prisoner for a year only going out every two weeks to the shops.

I learned patience through the slow Internet connection and the constant power outages one gets in India, sometimes 6 or 7 times a day, not lasting for long, but oh, so inconvenient when one was watching a good film. Alan was not able to drive, neither was Jean and Ratna. We hired a car with a driver, which is common practice in India. This of course prohibited being able to leave the apartment when we wanted to. Our apartment complex had a shop within it, so very inexpensive fruit, vegetables and groceries were available on the premises. For anything else, we either waited until we went out, or went across a very busy road to a supermarket. In crossing the road, you really took your life in your hands. The limitations placed on us each day brought all of the emotions and issues to the surface for all of us to deal with, and at times it was not easy!

At the end, we were all changed people; totally changed. And, so grateful we had the illusion about our visit to India; had we not had the illusion, we would never have come. The Self does not like to face itself, and boy did it do that In India. So now we head back to the USA, transformed and so better for going through the experience.

Just before I wrote this newsletter, Maitreya my teacher came in and told me our next ‘posting,’ San Francisco, was going to be the reward for a job well done in India. I am looking forward to our return to the USA, to being able to go out again to the shops when we want and feel like it, to having a tumble dryer (we have one here but it takes so long to dry the clothes, not to say the electricity it takes) and having soft towels and linens. In India we put our clothes, when wet, on a drying rack and put it out on the deck. The heat soon dried the clothes, but oh dear, were they hard and scratchy despite using softener in the wash. I am looking forward to high speed internet, no more power cuts day and night, and to being able to buy groceries I am used to, especially organic food.

Shopping in India is very limited compared to the shops in the USA. On the other side, I will miss India; the people, the contrast of rich and poor; the beautiful women, and the gorgeous looking (to me anyway) men. I am so glad we came, even though at times it was so hard. Maitreya has told me we will return to India in the future, but in a different way to this last visit. I was very relieved to hear that, lol! Our visit to India has changed us totally. We are different people to the ones who arrived; but we are wiser, and so much more knowledgeable. We are far more intuitive for letting all the old energy go, and more than anything, are so grateful to Maitreya for telling us to go to India in the first place.

So San Francisco beckons, a new chapter in our lives and one we so look forward to. I know we have not finished learning, but after what we encountered in India, and what we went through there, we should find it easier to maneuver; I know I will anyway.