Reversed Love

May was a super interesting, but very intense month – with Pluto already retrograding, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus joined the party, giving us a false sense that the Corona lockdown and quarantine was just a bad joke, another ( parallel) reality or perhaps a bad dream. People started making plans, falling in love, dating, and going out more. What a fuss will happen when Venus starts her direct motion; so many bad hair make overs, bangs, and ex-es in our lives …I can’t wait for the “emergency” phone calls from my girlfriends and clients. I’m joking a bit, but when the North node changed its axis to Gemini and the South node to Sagittarius, for sure our lives became more interesting.

For me personally, this Venus retrograde brought a little cat to my life and heart. I have never been a cat person, I always found them scary and repulsive. For the last couple of years, spirit was gently telling me that a cat will come to live with me. It was funny because there was no way to adopt a cat when I had so many big dogs already ruling my domestic life. Then one day, my daughter told me that she wants a cat!  I said yes, I think we are ready. We informed my husband (erratic dog lover) that we were going to bring a cat into our lives – if we could find one. He laughed, thinking there was no way to proceed with our plan. But in less than one hour I was connected to some lady who was giving away 7 new-born kittens for adoption.  Well, what a lucky coincidence! Both of us agreed that we liked the gray one, and the adoption was sealed. In a couple of weeks, our kitten was ready to leave her mother and come to our house.  Everything went so smoothly and easy. Little Izzy accepted us as her new family right away. I can’t describe what joy that playful little kitten is bringing to my soul. It brings tears to my eyes. Her purring when I touch her is carrying away all my fears and anxiety. I always remember Maitreya’s teaching about the importance of a pet and our luck that some animal soul picked us to be their human.   As a manifestor aura type, I want to be free, independent and without the burdensome care for anyone other than my favorite person (my daughter), but funny how I have been pulled into situations to care for an extremely high number of animals. It is a bit strange, given the fact that I don’t have any planets or asteroids in my 6th house of service and pets. But my husband and daughter have, and animals have played a big role in their lives. Even now, writing this post, I took a short break to help my dog nurse her litter of 6 puppies (I’m in night shift lol). In retrospect, I’m amazed with all the service that I provide for the animals in my household. I think my little kitten is jealous now, and my other dog too, but what to do but give my best to assist Bella in this sensitive time for her.

By the time Venus leaves her shadow period at the end of the July, my puppies will be ready to go to their new homes and start to bond with their new humans. There are no accidents or coincidences, everything has its own right time frame and reasons of why. Something to think about.

Until that time, be easy on yourself with all these retrogrades, in June Neptune and Mercury will join the Rx party and we will have 6 planets in retrograde motion. Slow down, wait for decision, for that bangs, and don’t rush into a new relationship with that “prince charming” if you are not ready to kiss the frog.

There is a right time for everything.