Saturn & Jupiter Into Aquarius – Out of Earth and Into Air

Saturn, our disciplinarian, great teacher and taskmaster, is finally making his big move out of the traditional, rigid and patriarchal Earth energy of Capricorn and into the alternative, knowledge-driven and humanity-based energy of Aquarius.  Saturn represents focus, structure and lessons, so whatever sign of the zodiac he is transiting through he is doing so to bring our attention to what we need to learn about ourselves here, as well as what we have to learn as part of the collective.

While Saturn was in Capricorn it was his mission to make us all very aware of where in our own lives we are clinging to out-dated ideas and habits, as well as where in our lives we could focus and discipline ourselves more.  Saturn teaches us the lessons so as we can reap the rewards that hard work and facing up to your fears can bring your way.  He shows us where we can step up to find the best version of ourselves, which is usually hidden somewhere behind our greatest fears or stubbornness.  We have been shown over the last 3 years within ourselves and our lives where we need to let go and create a new way of being and perceiving things, so as we can move forward, evolve and change as we intended too.  And, on a collective level, Saturn in Capricorn was all about making humanity very aware of how globally out of balance we all are with one another and with the planet, and how as a collective we are certainly NOT the best version of ourselves that we could be.  It has been made very clear in this world that our “systems” our governments and our corporations serve only themselves and not the people of the world they were originally created to take care of.  Pluto is still in Capricorn exposing and revealing more and more of the imbalances of this world and he will continue his work here for another 5 years.

So, for the past 200 years, we have had this abundance of Earth energy keeping us very focussed on ourselves, on materialism and systems that box and structure everything, and on making money and acquiring assets and status; a time of “me” and “mine”.  This orchestrated focus has resulted in creating more and more division between the “have’s” and the “have nots”, and with the help of Saturn in Capricorn over the last 3 years, this has been brought very much to all of our attention.  There is no doubt that humanity’s race to progress themselves has resulted in total disregard for the environment, the animal life on this planet and the wellbeing and future of those who have no hope of financially or educationally keeping up. This Earth energy has enabled many new technologies and advancements to be made, but unfortunately, at a very high cost to humanity and to the planet.  The story of Atlantis presenting itself all over again….

But now we step into the energy of Air.  Air energy, which will be represented over the next three years predominantly by Aquarius, is all about stepping out of the material and our own financial success and status and into the energy of our minds, our thinking and our awareness of community.  We are stepping into an energy of how we can help and assist one another, rather than compete or work against one another.  We are stepping away from the old-world agenda which has so heavily degraded and controlled humanity for too long, and into a world where independent thinking and intuition are our greatest assets.  Technology (for the highest good), innovation, creative thinking, knowledge and communication will all become our focus as we move away from the material and into the energy of community-minded Aquarius.  With the influx of this imaginative, creative and alternative Aquarian energy we will all start to look at our lives and the world we live in very differently.  We are entering the Age of Aquarius, and the Age of Change.

Aquarian energy is the energy of the thinker; of the one who is not afraid to be different or to create and embrace new ways of being.  It is alternative and it is innovative, and it is this incredible energy that is going to help and support us all towards creating a New Earth.  Aquarian energy embraces freedom and dances to its own drumbeat, but it also holds the space and the energy for humanitarian ventures, community and the environment.  The influx of this energy of change, like a breath of fresh air, is designed to help to enlighten humanity as a collective and each of us as individuals to what we can do to be better, kinder, more accepting of one another’s uniqueness, and to do all of this in an intuitive, open, equal and balanced manner.  That’s not to say that 2021 and beyond is going to be all rainbows, unicorns and moonbeams!  Aquarian energy is also the energy of the rebel, and so the more Saturn settles himself into this energy from 17 December onwards, the more compelled we may all feel to speak up.  And we should also find it a lot easier to do so, as having unique or alternative perspectives will be something that we will choose to encourage rather than to judge or shut down.  We are learning how to be different yet still know that we are all One and that we can share our own unique and individual perspectives with one another in an open, unbiased and revolutionary way, and still love one another.

The energy of Aquarius always promotes diversity, and what I feel we are going to see as this energy slowly but surely infiltrates the earth plane, is diversity being seen and used as something to unite us rather than separate us.  For too long diversity has been polarising and used to pit us against one another, but as the Age of Aquarius kicks into gear, we will start to see diversity as something to be celebrated for what it can bring to the table, and as something that can bring together communities and people so as they can see that being different to your neighbour is actually a gift to both of you, and completely normal.

Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion – and so when he moves into Aquarius on 19 December, he will take all of what I have mentioned above and amplify it.  He will do this to emphasise to everyone on this planet, that the people, all people, are of utmost importance and it is we, the people, who truly hold the power.  Jupiter in Aquarius expands the mind, the imagination and the individuality of all of us.  It also grows upon the energy of community and the importance of accepting all opinions and perspectives, for what they can teach you.  Jupiter in Aquarius also makes it very easy to identify what has outworn it’s use to us both personally and collectively, and it then enables us to come up with innovative and forward-thinking solutions for this.  And most importantly Jupiter in Aquarius allows us all to see how the wellbeing of the individual is as important and as influential as the wellbeing of the community.  We will see more and more reasons to stick together and to take care of each other in this beautiful Air energy, as we move away from the need for personal gain and success which has been the Earth energy directive for too long now.

On 21 December 2020, the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, Saturn and Jupiter will meet in the heavens in a conjunction.  This means that they will be so close to one another that they will seem to shine as one heavenly body in the night skies.  You can right now see them up in the western skies at night coming closer and closer to one another as they approach this date.  Saturn and Jupiter will meet in Aquarius at 0 degrees which is extremely powerful as it means anything can happen at this time – expect the unexpected!  And energetically this will mean that from 21 December until January 2022 Jupiter will be amplifying everything that Saturn stands for, and this will first and foremost mean the initiation of change.  Saturn demands structure but under the influence of Aquarius he is unable to hold on to any old or outdated structures, and so these will all fall apart so as innovative Aquarius can come up with the new ways.  The energy of Aquarius will not be told what to do, it can and will only do things the way it knows and understands for itself, and when we all operate and live in this way we are allowed our freedom, our true sovereignty by being able to and permitted to be who we truly are.

We are entering a three-year period where the need for change will be backed up by innovative ideas for change, and where we will all be asked to embrace change because it is the only way forward.

Slowly but surely, we are working through this time of the breaking down of the old to bring in the new.  All the cracks have appeared and this time there will be no fixing them up and carrying on as if everything is still OK.  The cracks will break open to cause the necessary collapse of what we have now outgrown and all that is not for the highest good of ALL on this planet.  And from here we can and will create a new world.  I would ask you to take the time on December 21, 2020, to meditate and to visualise a life and a world of equality, fairness and abundance for all and to set this intent for all of humanity.  Blessings xox