One of the things I constantly tell my students is to ask for what they need. It was one of the first things Maitreya taught me, and over the years I have been able to manifest nearly all that I require. Once again Astrology comes into the picture though. Most of us are familiar with the book “The Secret” and of putting it out there for what we need; however if in your natal chart (birth chart) you have chosen to put Saturn in your 2nd house, until you deal with the lessons and restrictions Saturn brings to your chart, you will never manifest what you need, no matter how hard you try.

We are here on the earth plane to learn hard and deep lessons which we chose before we were born and to move on from those lessons, but because we do not usually know this, we never know this and never change the old patterns, which is what the planets bring into this incarnation. I for instance have chosen to have Saturn in my 10th house, the house of the public, public acclaim and becoming known. In a way I have already done it via the web site, FB pages, and channeling Maitreya, however I have only gone so far, not all the way; Saturn in the 10th states that I will not get public acclaim in a big way until later in life or after death. An example is Nicola Tesla who was a brilliant inventor and technical person and although he invented a lot of things and became known, it is not until now that the world is becoming aware of him and his wonderful work.

He did in his lifetime learn many hard lessons about many things, one was his inventions which other people claimed as their own, and he did not fight back to keep them with his name, only now is it becoming knowledge how he was duped out of his inventions by people the public thought of as esteemed high standing inventors and investors. My lessons have been to do with being in the public eye, I had a fear of being in the public arena, despite loving it, I could never have gone into the real public arena with the fear, doubt, insecurity and instability I had in my early years in metaphysics. I had brought all those emotions with me from past lives. According to “The Secret” all I had to do was create a picture of me doing what I desired to do and it would manifest, I would get public acclaim and become famous. In reality, I had not dealt at the time with the insecurities, fears, doubts etc., I had brought with me; only in my late sixties have I finally dealt with them and feel confident to move forward into the public acclaim.

There are some people, who have come into this life with a high vibration, and they can manifest what they desire, but they are very few in number, the others have to raise their vibration through facing what they need to of the issues they came to deal with. If you wonder why you are not manifesting the things you need, why your hopes, wishes and dreams have not come true, look at your birth chart and have an astrologer go through it with you and you will soon find out how you are holding yourself back. Without Astrology I would not have even known about Saturn and the 10th house. You cannot manifest money until you deal with the issues you have come to deal with (usually on a negative level!) Recently I was in a situation with someone who had Saturn in their 2nd house, they also owed me and others around me karma; this person was supposed to help us and in a way they did, but then turned nasty after a short period of time, the outcome was that this person did not return the money we had contributed to a joint venture. They kept the money at a time we were desperately in need of it. The repayment of karma never manifested, in fact they created more karma and they will be returning to the earth plane once again with Saturn in the 2nd house to try and work it out again.

We can only manifest after we have raised our vibration, and many people cannot do that because of their lack of knowledge of metaphysics. “The Secret” was a wonderful book, it gave hope to so many people, but it also created frustration with those who have tried to manifest and it did not work. We can ALL manifest, do not get me wrong, but if we still have outstanding issues to do with our life lessons, we can wish all we like, but we will not be able to do it, the slate has to be clean before we can write a new message. I do tell my students they can manifest, and to ask, but I also show them HOW to do it and to deal with the old energy, it is the key to manifesting now, without the knowledge, we can only dream about it, and the dream never becomes a reality!