As I stated in last month’s newsletter, Jean and I have ventured to Shanghai, China to do some teaching with some of the Maitreya China followers. One thing that I quite often experienced in my adventures with Margaret is that a physical ailment always seemed to pop up out of nowhere during our travels. I would then have to deal with a variety of aches and pains during our particular trips and sometimes well afterwards. When this first happened on a trip to Europe in 2006, Maitreya explained to me that a person we had been meeting with had triggered a past life event and that the trapped energy was making its way to the physical. It related to a jousting accident where I had incurred a serious energy to my face. Well, needless to say as my tooth began to ache and get worse and worse even with Margaret’s healings, I eventually gave in and went to a dentist who ended up drilling a hole in the tooth to release all the energy waiting to be released. With the energy released, the pain simply vanished. Maitreya told me in addition to the person that had triggered the energy, the dentist I selected had also been in the past life and she had just paid me back Karma she owed me. A trip to London in 2010 started a 1.5-year battle with my right shoulder as it seized up on me and I lost a lot of mobility with my right arm. Thankfully massages enabled me to loosen it up enough to allow me to be functional. During one stretch, I was doing 3 massages a week just to loosen it up enough for me to be able to use it. So not all energy is the same, it is all triggered to come out in some way at some point in time, but some definitely takes longer to work through. Often times, we tend to think energy just comes out in our emotional outbursts or direct interactions with people, but it is also released through physical conditions such as aches, pains and quite often illnesses we experience. Past life energy being released in the physical is one reason that people often go to the doctor with an ailment, and then the doctor can’t find anything wrong, even though the ache and pain is very real to us.

Interestingly enough, when Jean and I came together after Margaret’s passing, I started to experience an aching pain deep in my right shoulder and upper arm. It wasn’t too bad, but it was annoying and uncomfortable at times. Thankfully Jean is an incredible healer and when she uses her healing gifts and knowledge she really assists to help manage the pain and start the shift of the energy.

When we committed to our trip to China, the pain level actually increased for some reason. Once we arrived and started interfacing with members of our new Maitreya group, the shoulder and arm pain flared up even more and I experienced additional pain on the top of my right foot and right big toe. In fact, out of the blue, a big part of my right big toenail simply fell off. Weird happenings in Shanghai! (LOL) Not really, living with Margaret and Maitreya for 12 years taught me to try and have the patience to let things unfold and let the energy flow through the physical, and most importantly be aware intuitively as the universe will often provide you with more information to assist you to understand the energy and release it. I have learned to put the request out to the universe to show me the event that created the trapped energy in the first place. It is a form of self-past-life regression and surprisingly for me, I will usually be shown at a time I am least expecting it, the event or circumstance tied to the pain. When it happens, it is definitely an ah-ha moment and usually quite surprising.

Well this Shanghai ah-ha moment was interesting, enlightening and definitely a shocker. To make a long story short, Jean, yes my wife Jean and 4 of the people of our new group were the key players in positions of power in a life where I was an esteemed teacher of the common people. My teachings contradicted the belief system and traditions that the leaders were using to control their subjects. Needless to say, they feared I would expose how they were maintaining power over their subjects through fear and manipulation of their belief system and traditions. I did see that I wasn’t blameless in this life. I saw that I didn’t do myself any favors, as I didn’t use a lot of tact in my interactions with these individuals who held positions of power and who ultimately held my fate in their hands. Maybe that is why in this life I have Chiron (my deepest wound) in the 3rd house of communication and Mercury is retrograde (planet of communication) in my 11th house of hopes, wishes and dreams. Ironically, Chiron is in the sign of Aquarius (new age teaching) and Mercury is in the sign of Libra (need to learn balance). i.e. – I am here to learn how to communicate in a balanced manner, not burn the house down.

So, here I am in Shanghai and all of a sudden the enemy surrounds me. One of who is now my wife! I saw the movie with Jennifer Lopez, “Sleeping with the enemy”, but I never thought I would be living it! (LOL) I must admit, I felt no animosity towards any of our group, including my lovely wife Jean, but the aches and pains started coming to the surface even more. As Maitreya would often say, “There are no accidents”. In a very unique twist, before I told the group my story, a couple in the group presented me with an unexpected present. After I told the group my little tale and after everyone had went home, I opened the gift and saw they had given me a beautiful white sweater. As I unpacked the sweater I was shown the significance of the gift and the color. White is a color that I usually don’t wear, so this was definitely something different for me. What I saw was that before being handed over to the ultimate authority (which happened to be Jean), they stripped me of my white garment, which was the traditional dress of a respected teacher at the time. So they had effectively stripped me of my status while also taking away my dignity. So the significance of them giving me the white sweater was to give me back my white garment, which represented my status and my dignity. Ironically, much of my pain has begun to dissipate as I have been wearing the white sweater the past few days and plan on wearing it for our final couple weeks here in Shanghai.

So that’s my story with a personal flare on how past life energy manifests into our physical aches and pains. Sometimes we can work through the energy on our own, but sometimes, like my tooth in Europe, we need formal medical care to combat the energy. Also, this is just my side of the story, and in the past week since telling my account of the past life, I have heard some interesting stories from members of the group who are processing the energy from their perspective which also includes some aches and pains.

Have a good month,