Sharpen Your Intuition

Every day life is driven by the choices/decisions we make. A lot of our choices are made like automatic reflexes, such as the body knowing instinctively that it needs to grasp the glass of water with our fingers, and then swallow the water as it passes our lips into our throat. We don’t even realize the act we’ve just taken or the success we’ve achieved by hopefully not spilling even a tiny drop as we savor the refreshing drink that we so desperately needed. Can you recall as a child when the concept of drinking from a cup wasn’t so easy? I am sure your parents do, and if you’ve had children you have experienced the joy as the days diminished of cleaning up soiled clothes and dirty floors as the process became a learned reflex.

Ironically, our intuition works in the same manner. It starts off with us having to wrestle over a choice/decision based on a feeling or prompting that we get. Just like feeling thirsty and knowing instinctively that we need to get a drink of water, a thought pops into our head and we need to choose how to act or not act to this feeling/knowing. This thought or feeling could come up completely randomly from within or it may come suddenly out of the blue by someone saying something to you that ignites the thought.

Now that you have this thought, it won’t leave you alone and nags you to do something about it. Often the choice/decision requires you to find the courage to follow through. It may require you to step out of your comfort zone or face a fear. This is where we talk about discernment. Is this prompting emotionally based? Does it come from the heart or the head? Will I be helping or hindering a situation? There all kinds of different questions that one could ask trying to figure out if they should act or not act on that inner knowing/feeling/prompting.

At the end of the day, it’s kind of like learning to drink the water, until you start trying and then perfect your “Own” method, you won’t know when you should act on the prompting or let it pass. When we take action on our promptings, there will be consequences and that’s where the outcome of spilt water may come from, or the reward for trying the most refreshing new beverage that will make you thank your lucky stars that you went with that knowing or feeling. You must learn how to read your inner knowing’s and promptings; they can lead you to the most amazing outcomes from people, places, and things.

Here was my Maitreya quote for today from the Maitreya quotes app.
Make your own choices and trust your feelings, for it is in this way you will sharpen your intuition and become more alert.” (Click Here to download Maitreya Quote App for free.)

The quote was very timely for me, because a couple days ago I acted on an out of the blue prompting and sent some friends a small gift as a token of my appreciation for them. I went with my feeling and here is the response I got back, “Oh my goodness, we are overwhelmed. You have no idea how timely your gift was.”

The last word of the quote is particularly important. We are constantly getting our knowing’s and feelings and we need to be alert to the fact that this is how the Universe communicates with us. It is constantly trying to tell us something or prompting us to do something. Our action, or lack of, often has consequences far beyond just us! Try and be aware of that.

The more we learn to trust our feelings, the more reflexive our intuitive responses will become, maybe a few less accidents, or should I say learning experiences with spilt milk! The Universe never gives up on us, so don’t give up on yourself, learn to TRUST and FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION!

Have a good month,