Sitting With Spirit Tree

This is my first automatic writing on 6/26/19 w/my brother Paddy and Guides, Archangel Michael. Seattle Washington.

Green surrounds me while writing

Hi, my name is Frankie Wintersteen, a student of Maitreya and Margaret since 2009. I’ve had many blessings and lessons since graduating from Margaret’s Metaphysical course. Those stories I will dedicate for another time. I was struggling on what to write for my first article to be published in October 2021 Team Maitreya Newsletter until I stumbled recently on my first automatic writing letter from my brother Paddy who was 17 years old when he left this earth. I feel it’s a perfect Segway toward explaining the synchronicity of my soul’s awakening journey. I hope this helps whoever is reading this article to find the white light back home to the heart too.

Hi my beautiful sister. I’ve missed you so much. It was so great connecting with you today while sitting outside under a huge Spirit Tree in your backyard. You are on your way to becoming a Universal Healer beyond your beliefs. Your prayers have been heard. You are never alone. I want you to pay attention to the steps I’m offering you. Your light, vision, and strength will help those spirits that are stuck in the void.

Your eyes of green will calm their mind and see themselves as children again at their happiest times. Just like you did to get you through.

The path is opening very wide for you now. Your hard work has paid off. Your business is to guide light, shine light, be light for those not remembering. You will create a sacred space for them to reset their life to the highest form of being. As you are ready, they will be too.

We’re excited for you on this next journey. It will be magical to see how many souls you will help navigate through the tunnel. Your guide says, “Look up always, you have an army of angels at your service.”

Love is the only way, with a knowing your words are channeled from Divine himself. Create a playful, creative atmosphere where your guides and helpers can penetrate their fields without fear. Listen to your instinct, no more doubts. You know now you can trust each step and succeed in your mission.

Listen to the birds as they sing praise and joy for earth needs to be lifted from despair and taken toward Divine vibrations. You are a leader of pure hearts, you will help guide and direct according to the Universal Law of Unity of One Mind, One Heart, One Spirit. Honor this gift by thanking each moment, place, person, animal, plant, element, and direction. You will be a conduit for God. Keep vibrations high, don’t doubt the process however low, medium, or high. You are loved. You are love. I Love you and will help you know you’re not alone. The Universe is all around you. Step into your and their Glory. Thank you for being a warrior, a shepherd of truth, of light, of ONE.

Thank you, your brother Paddy and Guides.

Have a great month and if you would like to contact me or visit my healing website, here is the link.

Love and White Light to All,

Frankie Wintersteen