Size Does Not Inform on Strength
by Laura Elliott

Happy Fall to everyone! Winter starts this month and while many things have gone into hibernation it’s time for Humanity to awaken. The Angel’s messages are geared towards this goal.

As in the picture chosen for this article, we are stronger than we know. We are able to break through any barrier to our growth and we can always start over as new seedlings strong enough to break through the concrete trying to hold us down and smother us.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and I’ll see you next year! Laura


Always dear ones, we are always attentive to your reaching out to us. We are answering although you do not often hear us. We are teaching all to go deep within their core to their Heart Center to meet us there for conversation and learning. We are always there awaiting you and hoping you are able to remember how to connect with us and your Higher Self. There is no time like the present to remember this ability. You are at the junction of great change and upheaval, and it has never been as important as it is now to remember this. Please review our previous information about meditating and learning to live in your Heart Center by living the example of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, and Non-Judgment.

For today, let us touch upon the importance of living your life from that place of integrity and truthfulness of your Higher Self. There is no way not to be connected to your Higher Self. You are a piece of your Higher Self having this physical experience. Saying you are not a part of your Higher Self is like saying your arm is not a part of you. You can obviously see your arm attached to your body, but it is the same thing, nevertheless. You do not see a visible manifestation of your connection to your Higher Self, but it is there, nevertheless. You are your Higher Self’s avatar having this experience on the Earth plane. Due to your physical 3rd Density experience here, you tend to see everything outside of your own skin as “other” when even that “skin” barrier is simply an illusion. You are innumerable molecules floating around and your perception of them coalesces to your expectations. There is no solidity to anything you observe in your surroundings, everything is molecules floating freely until you look and observe and see what you expect to see. It is when you see things that you do not expect to see that makes you question the validity of what you have always believed was real. Instead of talking yourself out of what you are seeing, perhaps you should consider looking at things with no expectation so that they are able to draw form from the Creator’s imagination instead of from yours.

In a discussion we had with someone recently we were asked why we would seek to change a soul’s experience if they came to experience a certain thing, such as fear. We explained that we are not seeking to change any soul’s desired experience, we are simply here to remind you of what you have forgotten. This is what we promised we would do for you. You did choose these experiences, but you also challenged yourself to remember who the True You is. You gave yourself the challenge of remembering you are not this physical Being that you appear to be. You gave yourself the challenge of remembering that you can be done with the fear as an experience. You gave yourself the challenge of remembering that nothing around you is real, but an illusion created by you to invoke the experiences that you desired. And in remembering all these things, and more, you are able to change your perspective. Perspective is a very powerful thing! The more you remember you are not your physical body and that everything around you is basically a programmable matrix, like a video game, the easier it is to let go of the fear of what might happen to you or to the world around you. Just like a video game, there is always a reset to a mutually agreed upon beginning point. Energy, once it is created, is always in existence. You are energy, there is no end to your True Self. There is only an end to the physical form that your Higher Self currently animates at this point in time, the real you will go on forever.

We share this knowledge with you as we promised we would. When you are able to embrace the knowledge we are sharing and begin to incorporate it into your life you will begin to have a change in perspective. Change can be scary for you we realize. You have grown too comfortable in being uncomfortable, however. Change can bring beautiful things if you allow it, and you allow it by not fearing it nor having any expectations of what could happen, or of what may not happen. Again, it comes down to how you choose to perceive it; as opportunity or as something to be afraid of. You will experience it in any way you choose to experience it. So why not be excited and hopeful to see what change will bring rather than full of fear? We are here to remind you that you always have a choice of how you respond or react. Choose wisely. You must do something different to experience something different.

Our blessings go out to you during this holiday season. No matter which rituals you choose to celebrate we are with you and always available for your consultation. Seek us in your Heart Center and we are there.

Much love,

Your Angels

~ Laura Elliott is an intuitive clairvoyant and published author. She offers private consultations, classes, and coaching. Her aim is to help clients find clarity, strengthen their own inner guidance, and reach personal spiritual growth. She currently offers a 10 Week Metaphysical Course for one-on-one coaching with her and the Angels. You can find more information on beginning this course at Laura’s website You can also find Laura on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (messaging with angels), and Twitter (@MessagingAngels). Her book With Love, From Your Angels – Tools and Knowledge to Help You Transcend This Human Experience (Balboa Press) is now available from her website or in print and eBook directly from the publisher at or from