It is winter now, and the first snowfall of the season has begun.

From misty clouds the ether transforms into tiny crystals of matter,

Like sparkling diamonds, reflecting the Light of their Source within.

… Just like us.

Some flakes drift gently in their lazy descent to the ground,

Others are blown about by the winds of lessons and karma

As they plunge toward their destiny through space and time.

… Just like us.

In their natural frozen state, each flake is flawlessly balanced,

symmetrical, perfectly proportioned, and yet,

Each one is distinct, unique, no two alike.

… Just like us.

And through the long winter months, most of them wait silently

For the change of season, but some go out of their way to be of use

To others, providing joy and sustenance to the earth and all its tenants.

… Just like us.

And those few whose earthly life is of one of joyful service and assistance

Form the living backbone that sustains all other forms of life on earth

For yet another year. Their mission complete, they are satisfied, fulfilled.

… Just like us.

And when the warmth of spring arrives, they thaw and diminish.

Tired and weary, some are soiled by the mud on which they lie

While others impetuously run fast and clear to their journey’s end.

… Just like us.

There, each precious flake dies to the life of material form into

A new life of ether and Spirit – its eternal essence – and

Returns home to its Source from which it came.

… Just like us.

And after a time, when it is ready, the ether once again transforms into matter, each drop

Choosing what it needs to grow in understanding, coming to earth in an April shower,

A mighty hurricane, a fine mist in the rain forest, a desert deluge, or once again as a snowflake.

… Just like us.

How beautiful the softly falling snow!

… Just … like … us.