We are often told we are the creators of our own reality, this means we can choose the situations in our lives and have control over them. Many do not know though that each year, we can choose our future, and create our own reality. It is done through a solar return report. Not only do we choose the issues we need to address in our natal birth chart; but, each year we have lessons to learn on a different level to our birth chart.

The solar return is a yearly forecast; it begins either on our birthday or a few days before; my solar return begins a day before my birthday on the 18th October. For over 20 years now, I have chosen the energy in my coming birthday each year; sometimes I have stayed where I was living for my birthday, but at other times where I lived has not been good. For instance, my current location indicated that I could have money problems, or a hard year, health problems, or other difficulties, so I made the choice not to go in that direction and decided to spend my birthday somewhere else. This has meant sometimes I have had to fly to a different location, but it has been worth it to avoid the issues I would have faced had I stayed.

I was once asked, was it wrong not to face the lessons of the next year? I had to ask Maitreya this, as I did not have the answer myself. He informed me it was not wrong, I made a choice, and although I did not feel I could cope with the lessons/issues of a year at that this moment of time, I could choose, (or the Universe would choose for me) when to experience that particular lesson/issue. I remember one year the solar return was terrible, but when I put in other cities and other countries, it did not make it any better, I was obviously meant to experience what was in my solar return chart for that year, no matter where I went.

I remember being in a recession and having Saturn the planet of restriction, hard lessons and difficulty in my forthcoming solar chart, in the 2nd house of financial matters and self-worth. No matter where I looked to spend my birthday with different planetary placements, I could not find anywhere I could afford to visit and change the adversities shown in the chart. I was obviously meant to experience the lessons, and the recession energy was really making me learn what I needed to learn. I had a girlfriend once who had been through a few very difficult years with romance problems. Her upcoming solar chart showed her going through that again, despite her not being with the boyfriend anymore. If she stayed where she was living she could meet someone else and go through the same situation as the last few years. She chose to change the forecast and went to Mexico for her birthday, not Los Angeles where she was living. She did meet someone else that year, but this time the energy was good and she avoided the conflict she had gone through in the previous years.

We really can change the outcome most of the time. One year, it was good for me on the Gold Coast of Australia, but not for Alan; our birthdays are only two days apart, but different years. We spent Alan’s birthday in Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia, and spent a few days with my daughter-in-law and my grandson, then a day earlier than my birthday flew 4.5 hours to the Gold Coast to spend my birthday, we both got a good year, but in different solar locations.

It amazes me, people do not either know about the solar return, or do not bother looking at their own chart. You can get a chart on our web site www.maitreya.co, or you can also have one drawn up for you, which is VERY personal, not computer generated. They are not expensive to purchase and are very clear and precise. I feel so fortunate to have as a personal friend, Jean Luo; she is a wonderful astrologer and really focuses on each person’s chart for the next solar year. Jean is available to write YOUR solar return chart, and you can read about Jean on our practitioner page on our web site. Although I too am an astrologer, I am not good at reading my own charts, so consider myself very fortunate to have Jean to do all of my astrological forecasting I need. It could be the best money you spend in the long term. In fact I used to have a client who came every year for her solar return forecast in the days I did readings like that. Because of my work load, I never do them anymore, but I consider Jean brilliant at what she does, and as I stated, I am so lucky to have her do my future forecasting.

Maitreya told me a solar return chart gives us an idea of what we can expect in the coming year, and of the lessons we will learn. Sometimes the lessons can be very harsh, especially if we have already spent time learning them the previous few years. One client had experienced for a few years a lot of health problems and was so tired of being ill and having these issues. She approached me to look at her next solar return, which was coming up in a few months, and low and behold once again; she was looking at health issues again! She was living at the time in Washington State, and would have spent her birthday there, but she made the choice to look for a cheap flight to Montreal in Canada, which was the only place she would not have health problems the following year. She basically flew in and flew out, but she avoided the health issues.

Why not have a solar return chart done for your next birthday? If you know where you will be; create your own reality and make it perhaps easier on yourself. Once you have decided you do not want to spend your birthday in your location of where you live, Jean will give you another option of location, or will find a place for you where it will benefit you. It can and will save you a lot of stress!