When you are right in the middle of something, the incredible becomes the norm. For me, most of the stuff I experience with Margaret and Maitreya remains unknown to the outside world. Those that have worked with us in the past or have come to study with M/M have experienced a small piece of the amazement as the most personal information is given or a mystifying experience unfolds. Jean, Korinne and Ratna have lived with us since 2012 and while they have worked intimately with us and studied with M/M prior to this, living in the same house has allowed them to experience another perspective to Margaret and Maitreya’s world that they never expected to experience. I have often said that one day I will probably write a book, the title will be, “You wouldn’t believe me anyway!”

With Maitreya comes Wisdom, but what most people don’t comprehend is, the most critical aspect of Maitreya is the Energy. The energy not only allows clarity to come forward, but the energy provides the catalyst for transformation if you choose to face the fears that it will bring to the surface. Some aspects of change can happen overnight, others will be a drawn out process because you are not fully ready to shed those aspects that ultimately need to go for you to embrace your true self. But, the energy has been planted and like the seed buried in the rocky soil, overtime, it somehow will make its’ way to the surface and find the sunshine.

Margaret and I once went into a busy store in a somewhat shady part of town out of necessity to get a particular CD that was only available in this store. There were police cars patrolling the parking lot, the energy inside the store was so heavy that is was overpowering. In fact, after entering the store, we walked halfway to the electronics section and then couldn’t handle the energy any longer and we turned around and left. Driving away I suddenly became very angry at the futility of these peoples circumstances. It wasn’t judgment towards their situation, but I could feel their despair and pain surrounding their situation. If this was a spiritual journey, I wasn’t sure where they fit into the picture. I had a vision of them prior to reincarnating and in the vision they were basically being pushed out of heaven because no one in their right mind would want to incarnate into their situation. As I was engulfed in trying to comprehend what I just experienced, Maitreya, in an instant had taken over Margaret’s body and explained to me that by going to the store with his energy we had planted some light into the souls at the store that I had perceived as having gotten a raw deal in this incarnation. He explained, this is where they are on their soul journey and that the light that was planted today would come to the surface in future incarnations to assist them on their soul journey. He thanked me for taking his energy to the store and hoped I learned something today. Most people do not realize that those across the veil, that we call spirit, need to utilize physical channels to bring their energy to our dimension.

When Margaret and I went to the East coast of the USA to do a private course with Jean, Margaret felt strongly to go to a place called Valley Forge in Pennsylvania. It was the site of the winter encampment of George Washington and his demoralized army during the Revolutionary war for independence from England. Washington’s people were hungry and sick from disease and exposure and there was limited food, medicine and supplies to care for them. I didn’t know a whole lot about the place when we visited it, but Margaret’s experience caused me to do some research afterwards. She became very emotional and started crying as she was shown young men starving and sick. They were in complete despair. She sensed their misery and hopelessness as their perceived dreams of pride and honor at being a soldier fighting for their fledging country was being laid bare in the reality of their situation. These souls were now stuck in this in-between dimension and she was being used to help them finally crossover to the light. The downside from a physical perspective is that Margaret had to absorb their energy of fear as they came to the light. It knocked Margaret for a loop and it took a few days of crying and depression for it to pass. We had a very similar experience a few years later when I took her to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii where the Japanese in WWII did a surprise air attack on the ships in port and thousands died. One ship the Arizona had a bomb go down its smoke stack and detonate below decks. As we were driving to the memorial, we never made it because Margaret could see all these sailors that were on fire running towards us. Since she is from England, she didn’t know much about what happened until she saw all the sailors trying to get the light from the dimension they were in. Once again it knocked her for a loop and took her a few days to process the energy with a lot of tears and emotion. When I went to study with Margaret, she explained a few episodes like this on the course to illustrate a teaching point, but when you are with her and live the experience with her, it takes it to a totally new level.

On a personal level, being able to experience the Wisdom and teaching from Margaret/Maitreya to different individuals and groups can be mind-boggling to say the least. Some of them take the energy and work it, others let fear take them in another direction, but the seed has been planted to germinate sooner or later. I feel our days for individuals and small groups may be coming to an end. We have pretty much been isolated for the last four years as Margaret’s energy level has skyrocketed and her ability to process large amounts of energy very quickly is now off the charts.

If one is to look at the world and what has been unfolding as the anger and divisiveness continues to grow it is not to hard to imagine that something big is on the horizon and Margaret and those like her will be there to teach and provide the energy for transformation on a large scale.