I wonder how many of you have had something happen to you and never said anything to anyone about it? I am usually very open about everything, but there was one thing I could not talk to anyone about and that was the presence over the last 5-6 years of a UFO, which seems to follow me. By this I mean the same craft has been around me for a number of years, it has been in Washington; we went to Hawaii and it was there in the sky just sitting as in Washington outside our hotel balcony. I was really shocked when it was outside in the sky in Australia and actually followed us home after an event! A friend also saw it; she came with us to the event and admitted it definitely looked like a UFO. It was there in India outside our apartment; it is the same craft every time.

In the beginning, Alan, an avid aviator said it was a plane, but had to admit finally it was not. It was round in shape with bright lights all around it and it sat still, did not move and it was funny because other craft, planes, etc., would pass it in the sky and not be disturbed by it, so much so, I wondered if they could see it. The problem I had was I was frightened to mention it to anyone because I feared people would laugh at me or think me crazy!

I was the same when I first started deep trance channeling; I was afraid people would think I was doing it for fun and that they would laugh at or ridicule me. I could not just accept the fact I WAS channeling, but I was afraid of people turning against me when they found out. Of course over the years when people commented on the golden figures standing behind me in shadow, and of facial changes they saw when I channeled, I let my guard down and spoke openly about my channeling. Maitreya, the energy whom I channeled also did some wonderful writing and I knew it was not me. At a meeting with a New Zealand publisher for my book “Simple Guide To The Psychic”, one of the staff artists came to me afterwards and told me my eye color changed while I was talking about the book. Other people have also seen it over the years, but it was many years before I could openly talk about channeling and what it entailed without feeling embarrassed.

After years of keeping it to myself, I finally wrote about it on my Facebook Fan page; did anyone ridicule me, or laugh at me? No, they did not; I had much positive feedback about my UFO revelation. FINALLY after 69 years I have made a decision not to be frightened or embarrassed anymore over anything unusual or strange that happens to me. Not only does keeping information inside create health problems, but I now realize it stops one from moving forward. I will no longer be frightened to say, “I have a UFO which sits outside my house and is there every night.”

It is the most beautiful craft, and I know it is not from our solar system, but I do not know what it is there for, why it follows me around the world, and what its purpose is. As a child, my mother would send me to the cinema on Saturday afternoon with my brother; it gave her some peace and quiet. One of the films showing each week was an adventure with “Flash Gordon. Flash Gordon was an alien who had come to the earth plane and his craft had broken. He was living in a cave in the mountains with his craft, and each week as his episode unfolded, I would find myself getting short of breath, agitated and at times, frightened as I watched his adventures; it forced me to leave my 5 year old brother in the cinema and run home.

My mother was certainly not happy at this event, but my fear/trepidation of Flash Gordon was real and although I grew out of the emotions of Flash Gordon, I could never see an episode without a reaction of some sort. I wonder now if it had got to do with the craft I see now in the sky each night. Two nights ago, I was just drifting off to sleep and I heard a distinctly clear, loud, rap, twice on our bedroom window, it sounded as if someone wanted to get my attention. I was so scared again I could not look and see if anyone was there! I am not afraid to speak about it anymore, but I am certainly not going to greet it out of the bedroom window! LoL

So, I still do not know why it is there, and what it wants, I also know that Alan won’t respond either, just from past experience of things, he is uncertain about new things the same as me. I am not crazy, I am not seeking attention, and I simply have a UFO, which follows me around the world. Perhaps one day I can go on board and meet the occupants, meanwhile I will watch it every night when it is there, and communicate by thought with it. I will keep you informed if it wants to communicate.