Spiritual Meaning of Pets

Having in mind my extraordinary private story about animals and pets, I have an urge to write it down and share it publicly, even though my rational mind is saying “No”, it’s not that important. But, I feel it is.

As a child I was drawn to animals a lot, especially dogs and having one meant the world to me. My mother would often tease me and tell me she could see me having my own kennel and training dogs for a living when I grew up.

Nurturing and caring for a dog with an extra need who is sick or disabled was also my story, but I have never felt obligated to do so, I did it from my heart.

I was fine for years regarding pets, until my husband brought a cute French Mastiff to our family and then started obsessively bringing more and more dogs into our family. He focused his attention on them them as his highest goal, providing a sanctuary for them over the needs of our family, friends and even himself. That situation bothered me for a long time, I tried to figure this out and knowing that he has a big karmic debt towards these dogs helped me a little to understand and accept this awkward situation in our domestic life. Unfortunately, I was clueless about my role in all of this and started asking more and more questions. I asked Spirit many times to open my eyes so I could see deeper.

Eventually, it was like I was living in a kennel, surrounded by a pack of loving and beautiful, but spoiled pack of dogs! I was so unhappy. I felt like a slave as I focused all my time and effort to meet their needs at the expense of our house not being clean, and our backyard not being very inviting to our friends who started avoiding our house. This led to domestic arguments that grew bigger and heavier. I knew that I couldn’t interfere in my husband’s decisions, especially knowing how dealing with his karmic debt to the animals was so important to his spiritual growth. But I couldn’t see for myself, and my intuition told me that I didn’t have karma with the animals, but that I had chosen this active role as my husband’s helper as a lesson. Even my friend Natalija who channels Lady Nada told me about my husband’s karma and that all these animals he cares so much about, will start abandoning him so he can feel all the pain he caused them in one of his previous lifetimes so that he can learn unconditional love.

My role started unfolding when my favorite dog, Badjo, who was my guardian in every means, started vomiting and was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I cared for him with all my heart, but he avoided energy healing telling me that he came to help me with my cancer cells and not reverse. I watched him getting worse, falling, and not eating. I was so tired of the long nights at emergency animal clinics and became so angry that I was having to deal with this alone. Lady Nada told me about my previous life with Badjo, where he was my horse and he threw me off and I couldn’t ride as a jockey anymore, so I abandoned him. Now, I had to be here to take care of him and help him transit to the spirit realms. My heart was breaking. He passed in my arms, surrounded with crystals, candlesticks and scents, the whole time I was showing him love and light and where he has to go. He died surrounded with love. My husband didn’t have the courage to come and be with him. But spiritually, I was the one who had to deal with his death.

After that, my husband brought more dogs. Olimp came as Badjo’s “back up”, same love from his eyes and protective behavior when I’m around others. Unbelievable I thought.

Finally, I started accepting my situation with the dogs, even enjoying being with all of them, not thinking about them as a sacrifice and unwanted job, but I embraced them with all their qualities and needs. Our oldest dog Maza, my husband’s favorite, got sick, but she waited for me to come back from my vacation so she can say goodbye. She died the very next morning in my arms, this time with my husband by our side. I don’t really have all the answers how this story with dogs will end up, really, I don’t. Will he lose all of them? Will they all eventually die too early; will I have to watch them all die?

I started having dreams. Every dream was about dogs. Even now when I decided to write about it, my dreams started to be more about dogs. I found out a lot about the dog spiritual totem, spiritual meaning of animals and their healing properties. As I was spiritually growing, more dogs started coming into my energy and surrounding me, protecting me, healing me and giving me courage. Dogs represent patience, reliability, obedience, protection, service and unconditional love. The dog spirit animal is a noble one, exemplifying being selfless, never asking for praise or expecting anything in return.

Even Maitreya spoke about the importance of animals, I’ll quote his guideline : “If you have a live pet, count yourself very special, for your animal chose you and you chose your animal, you are indeed blessed and your life will be changed because of that.” (Maitreya Newsletter #368)

Oh, how Maitreya was right. Our lives are changed for sure.

My dogs have helped me heal my impatience, anger, remorse, ego, self-righteousness, pride and much, much more. They help me cope with the spirit world and warn me about any danger. Strange, but I can sense that every single dog in my life is experiencing their last animal life, and that they don’t have to come back again to the Earth plane as animals. They have particularly high consciousness and understanding that I don’t see in the dogs of other families that I see. They are, indeed, very special.

For sure, I can say one thing and that is they succeeded in their mission for this lifetime regarding their role in my husband’s karmic debt. For me they were great animal spirit teachers and I greatly appreciate their support and sacrifice. We should thank our furry friends with all our hearts and be grateful for their companionship.