In spirituality, there are two basic kinds of duality (or illusion) we could transcend:

  1. the subject-object duality (or illusion of inside-outside separateness)
  2. the superior-inferior / good-bad / right-wrong duality (or illusion of inequality)

Both of these illusions in turn arise from the illusion of differentiation, which is the mother of all illusions beginning when the First Cause first differentiated Itself.

We are not different parts of the Same Source, we are the Same Source in different parts. We are not children of God and thus separate and different from God just as children are separate and different from parents, we are God Itself manifesting-masquerading as gods and goddesses. There is ultimately only One Being — which means that I Am You and You Are Me. We are more than interconnected, we are the Same Being.

We are that One Ocean who has been paying too much attention to the surface (of duality/differentiation) so much so that we have begun to think that we are a wavelet. Moving away from the surface and immersing ourselves back into the Ocean (Absolute/Source) can help us feel/realize/remember that we are in fact not a wavelet but an Ocean. We are the Absolute immersing in the Absolute so as to realize that we are the Absolute. We are Source aligning with Source so as to realize that we are Source.

When we feel with our presence, we discover the Infinite and transcend the illusion of inside-outside separateness.

When we see with our third eye that everything is simply energy, we transcend the illusion of inequality and discover the Absolute. When we look at the non-dual energetic substratum rather than the surface reality of things, we can actually feel ourselves looking through our third eye rather than our dual physical eyes and can even feel our third eye twitching and squinting as we do so.

When we persist with this perception of the substratum and as it deepens further and our heart opens further, we discover the Same Being and transcend the illusion of differentiation.

To transcend illusions is to realize that they are illusory constructs of our mind which we have previously presumed to be true and are now free not to believe in them anymore.

Full transcendence of these illusions are impossible while we are still ensouling a human vehicle but the more that we can transcend, the more peace, bliss and love we shall find. And full transcendence of differentiation will happen only when we have completed our entire soul journey and ready to undifferentiate and wake up completely from the Dream.

Learning to use our non-intellect is indispensable in spirituality for many spiritual truths are beyond the reach of the intellect.

When we observe and analyze with our intellect, we discover a human being.

When we observe and watch with our mindfulness, we discover the Witness.

When we feel with our presence, we discover the Infinite.

When we see with our third eye and feel with our being, we discover the Absolute.

When we feel with our heart and essence, we discover Love.

Witness, Infinite, Absolute and Love are various facets of our I Am and we could be referring to any of them individually or collectively whenever we talk of “I Am”. Collectively, we are an Absolute Love-Light I Am Presence that is present everywhere.

To be spiritual is to be Spirit-like, which means being and expressing Who We Really Are.

Reputation is what people think we are.

Character is what we think we are.

The Witness is what our mindfulness says we are.

The Infinite is what our presence says we are.

The Absolute is what our third eye and being say we are.

Love is what our heart and essence say we are, and is what we truly are.

The Imperceptible is what we truly, truly are.


End of the day, we are always the Same Being interacting with the Same Being in a world of joyful and painful experiences, all of which are but a Manifestation of the Same Being.