“Compassion has always been a sought-after virtue in the path of spirituality, along with love and kindness, but what if we are wrong in our thinking? I was thinking along the same lines until my spiritual teacher Maitreya told me I was not only wrong, I was causing bad karma by practicing established beliefs.

I was confused – what did he mean? Maitreya explained that compassion for another often stopped that soul from learning their lessons on the Earth plane. He cited the example of a personal friend who was having financial problems, which – Maitreya said – was a way of forcing that person to learn how to cope with the problem. If they learn that lesson well, they will change the way they do things and move into a higher level in their lives, where financial difficulties will cease to exist. But when we, feeling compassion, offer them financial assistance, it interrupts their learning of their lesson, keeping them on the old path for longer, if not the rest of their lives. Thus, without realizing, we have interfered in their karma of learning. What’s more: Not only do we bring that person back also for another round of incarnation, but we too have to come back because of our interference.

When I learnt all this, I was shocked. I thought of all the times I had helped people over many years. The questions were endless, but the more I thought about it, the more I understood the truth. In my compassionate mood, I had created disrupting karma, and more than that – had stopped many souls from learning their life lessons.

I then asked Maitreya how I could tell if it was meant to be or not, and he told me that it could be discerned astrologically, and a short visit to an astrologer with a compatibility chart would soon give me the answer.

Since I had just started studying astrology, that knowledge helped me enormously in my work, and I just had to look at the birth chart to see if I was meant to help some persons or would I be interfering in their karma by doing so.

Maitreya’s teaching on pyramids was even more profound. I had pyramids in my businesses since my first business was founded in 1987. I had educated many on the use of pyramids; shocked many with the taste of ordinary tap water after just a few hours under a pyramid, which tasted amazingly pure. I had sat under one for meditation, and used it to dry herbs and other foods.

I considered myself an expert on pyramids, until Maitreya told me by sitting under them for more than four hours a day, some people could develop health problems. This was because, he informed me, the pyramid was designed to bring out deep seated energy, usually energy trapped for many incarnations. Thus, while it was great for bringing latent energy to the surface, some people could fall ill by the force of the energy coming to the surface.

I was shocked to learn this, of course, but the more I travelled, the more I realised how right he was.

Over the years, Maitreya has taught me so much more. He has taught me there is no right and wrong, and the more we try to create right and wrong in those around us, the harder it will become, because each man has his own truth, and as such, it is within them until they raise their vibration, when it may change. Of course, it may not change, because it is up to the individual whether they want to change or not. Some would change their truth, while others would not – it was their choice.

Maitreya’s teachings have, indeed, changed my life and allowed me to understand so many things I could not do before. His teachings have also transformed many people’s lives, removing the fears and doubts blocking their progress.

I now travel the world with Maitreya, teaching his simple teachings. I have gone to most countries in Europe, besides England, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, the USA, Croatia, and other countries. Has it alienated me from some friends and family? Yes it has, but I know I am far better without their energy. I feel liberated in the 20 years since Maitreya came into my life. I have become a better, more educated woman, and also a healthier one without fear in my life, for that is what my old belief system contained – a lot of fears.

It is interesting to note how, approximately 2000 years ago, an energy called Jesus came and taught us about fear, but we still have it as part of our belief system. We should certainly not have it, as it stops our growth. Without fear and the other emotions we carry around with us, our lives can be so different, and the world can become a much better place!”

by Margaret McElroy – Reprinted from The Speaking Tree