In a recent article I wrote about astrology, a number of people questioned how can astrology be spiritual? As far as I am concerned it is the basis of spirituality! Without astrology, you can go nowhere and certainly not move forward on the spiritual path. Why is this? Until I met my spiritual teacher Maitreya over 20 years ago, I was of the same belief. To me, spirituality was about meditating, perhaps sitting under a pyramid, it was about removing the blocks from the chakras and being “good.” It was about having compassion, understanding, dedication to perhaps helping a Master, and so much more. Then Maitreya came into my life and began the process of teaching me about astrology. He told me without astrology, you cannot be spiritual no matter what you try to do. Astrology holds the key!

One of the components of the spiritual path is to work on yourself first, and as I now know this is a long process; over twenty years ago, I had completed seven years of development and felt now was the time for me to move forward on my spiritual path of teaching, after all, was that not why Maitreya had come into my life? I was so wrong, he first of all had come into my life, to in effect, right my wrongs from past lives, and teach me new teaching for today, later on he gave us the words “Wisdom For Today, Answers For Tomorrow.” Through astrology he began teaching me about first of all myself, and then family members and friends. It is ironic my then husband was supposed to be the student of this venture, but he did not want to do it, and so it was given to me, a woman with as I called it “no left brain awareness.” But, that did not stop Maitreya, he taught it in such a way I could actually understand!

Through the science of astrology, I was able to see myself, really see myself. And, not only that, I was able to see where the Self/Ego part of me not only had me in its grip, but had done so for many incarnations. I was able to see where all of my fear came from, and I had so much, it was scary! I was able to see my attributes which my Self had told me I did not have; as I looked at each planet and house in my birth chart (natal chart) I began to learn about the true me, not what the Self/Ego part of me wanted to see.

I was, through the planet Saturn able to see where my fears lay, through Pluto, where my transformation would lie, through the Nodes, where I had come from in the past. It was like taking a journey, only I had the map to help me get there. I was finding out who I was, where I came from and what I needed to learn to change the old patterning. I realized I could have sat under a pyramid and meditated for my whole life, but without knowing who I was and why, I would never raise my vibration!

My birth chart was my birth plan to the past, present and the future. I had once had a student who was 85, he had spent his whole life traveling India and the Himalayas visiting Ashrams trying to find enlightenment, he told me in six days on my Master of Metaphysics course he was attending, he had found enlightenment. Shortly after that he passed away, and I was so pleased he had learned enlightenment before he passed over because I felt he would no longer have to return to another incarnation again.

Our spiritual belief systems are often based on thousands of years of tradition, years of tradition which are no longer prevalent, and even if so, did anyone record verbatim what was said? Maitreya brought me the wisdom for today I needed, but also the answers for my future, not only to help myself, but to help others also. I felt very blessed!

Astrology is not only the leading subject on the spiritual path, it IS the path! Taught and used the way Maitreya taught me, it is the beginning of not only finding yourself, but also of changing who you are, changing the past life energy trapped within for many incarnations; that past life energy if not released, will cause you to return lifetime after lifetime to live it again, until one is freed from it.

I was terrified to look at myself to be honest, because I thought I had all the answers to life itself, I had NO answers, except what I had learned from others, and information I had read in books, astrology opened me up to the real me, and enabled me to raise my vibration to such a high level, it was the best thing I ever did in learning about it, and also as time passed in helping others through astrology to raise their vibrations also. I was once again, very blessed.

by Margaret McElroy – Reprinted from The Speaking Tree