Spontaneity and Going with The Flow

This morning I abruptly awoke at about 3 am and the thought popped into my head, ‘I wonder what time Sunrise is up at Mt Rainier?’ I quickly checked Google and 5:45 am illuminated the screen, which led to me nudging Jean to say, ‘Let’s catch Sunrise up on the mountain’. So, just like that, we woke Korinne to ask if she wanted to accompany us and off, we went for our Magical Sunrise in an instant of Spontaneity.

It reminded me of the time in Australia when Maitreya asked me to accompany Margaret’s granddaughter Angie to the amusement park. He gave me marching orders to try and free my mind and Go with The Flow as I chased a 6-year-old from ride to ride without thinking about what comes next, just trust in the Universe, and enjoy the moment like a child without a worry in the world. He was trying to slow my mind down so that I would enjoy the moment without any thought or expectations.

So, why we went to the mountain at 4 am could be pondered, but the answer is, we did? Did the Universe prompt me? Was our interaction with the numerous people that happened to also be there at this early hour meant to provide some form of energy or message that will assist them or us? Was this a chance for Nature to replenish Jean and my energy after a couple rough weeks assisting a childhood friend with health issues? We often overthink why we do things and get caught up in the emotions of the moment. Spontaneity and Going with The Flow are intuitive tools of the Universe that lead us and guide us on our journey if only we take the time to listen. I know I don’t always heed the call, but I do have some incredible stories from the experiences for when I have.

It’s hard to believe that August is already here and summer for us in the Northern Hemisphere is in its final month as time magically fly’s by whether we’re ready for the events of the day, month, or year. The Universe mystically presents us with all the circumstances to stage the learning opportunities we drew up for ourselves before we were born. Try some Spontaneity and Going with The Flow, it will assist you to still the emotions of the moment that seem to distract us from the illusion of life.

Have a great month, gaze into the mirror, you’re stronger, wiser, and more beautiful than you think!