Spring Has Sprung
by Laura Elliot

This month, I am posting a message channeled by the Angels. I hope this Spring/Summer you are finding your Truth and are reaping the fruits of your labor from these past few years. ~ Laura

Spring has Sprung and now comes Summer. The time has come to reap the seeds you have sown in fall and winter. Beyond what you know about, there is so much more saved for Spring under the Earth and waiting to burst forth if given the chance. It stays hidden until you are ready to see it, know it, and absorb it. Change comes from growth, and growth from change. Change is a thing that many are afraid of, and so also growth, but these things go hand in hand. There can not be one without the other you see. Often, you confuse your wants and desires with what you need. Never do you see that they are planes apart from each other. You think you need the physical possessions that you have and refuse to change your way of thinking, leading to the stagnation of your thoughts and denial of the abundance the Universe desires to bring to you if only you would let go of what you already have. The more you give, the more you receive. If you are holding on to things you are telling the Universe you don’t need anything. It’s like filling a closet with so many items you can’t fit another single thing. You must empty the closet of something in order to put something else in it. The more you can let go, the more that can come to you. Do you see? Growth comes when you understand the difference between want and need and giving to make room for receiving. This concept is not beyond your understanding, give yourself permission to allow these ideas to germinate and grow and create the growth you truly desire.

Your path to Oneness has been a long one, but you are the ones placing rocks and boulders in your own path. We are attempting to show you the way around them, and that indeed, you need not place them there to begin with. These are the obstacles you alone are placing in your own path and then crying out that life is so unfair. You have planned your lives and are now afraid of finding the true you, so your “Lower Self” or “Ego Self”, the part that is of the physical world, places these obstacles to deter you and confuse you. To keep you distracted from discovering that you are truly a Spiritual Being having a physical experience. It is not good or evil, the physical self is also a part of you, but it has its own agenda to follow and desires to keep you in its control. Your path to Enlightenment involves realizing this truth and choosing the Spiritual path rather than the physical. Yes, we do realize there are physical concerns to be addressed while you are in physical form. However, you can realize you are a Spiritual Being playing the physical game at this moment, without continuing to be completely “asleep” and an amnesiac about the Beings you truly are. You can grow and change, and become the Enlightened Being you came here to become and still play the game of physicality, you see?

Fear not the repercussions, for times have changed and this is no longer the Dark Ages upon this planet. Those who still hide behind their fear of discovery must now take the leap of faith and assure the child within that this time it will be different. You may still be judged harshly by those who have yet to understand, but there will be no Inquisition, no Salem Witch Trials this time around. We have been here with you before and have failed to progress beyond this point and have started over many times. Now is the tipping point, and each one of you has been called to play your role in the growth and change of humanity. Speak your truth boldly and confidently, and play the games involved in physicality while it still persists, but you will find peace and freedom in finally having the permission to be your True Higher Selves instead of the dual personalities you’ve had to live up to this point. Set yourselves free and proclaim for your Higher Selves!