Spring, The Time for Awakening
by Laura Elliott

Happy Spring everyone! I’ve taken some time off and have returned refreshed and ready to go again! Just in time for Spring!

This month the Angels are inviting us to consider our adopted concept of past, present, and future, and how that affects our understanding of what’s possible, and how our perception of linear time relates to our Spiritual Awakening. We need to let go of our human conditioning to realize our Spiritual potential.

As always, I hope the Angel’s message is as helpful to you as it always is for me. ~ Laura


Many of you wonder what is becoming of your world. Many of you wonder what this world is coming to. What you do not remember is that this is but one of many cycles the Earth has gone through with people upon her surface, and below. There are more Beings living on this planet than you realize. The Earth supports many different Beings that are travelling on their own journeys of discovery and soul purpose. We support all these Beings. Many are here to help Humanity traverse the path that they have chosen for themselves.

This current cycle is but one of many cycles that have been completed on the Earth. Some of your archeologists find evidence of “previous” habitations of different areas and are often surprised when they find evidence of civilizations that are now underwater. We put the word previous in quotation marks because there really is no previous or after, there is only now. Time is irrelevant and nonexistent.

Recently, this one that channels for us saw a TV show that was talking about three different layers of civilizations that were buried one on top of the other. It was assumed that the least “advanced” civilization would be the bottom layer, and that the top layer would be the most “advanced”. We use quotations here because we are referring to how Humanity views the meaning of advanced. What they discovered, however, was exactly the opposite. The lowest level was actually the more advanced civilization. This error was made because Humanity currently exists with the concept of “time” and has a Collective Conscious Agreement that this experience of time will be perceived as occurring in a linear fashion. Also, it is beyond the realm of possibility to your archeologists that there could have been an “advanced” civilization, let alone numerous ones, prior to your currently recorded history.

There have been so many different civilizations on Earth that have risen and fallen over the past eons, of how you currently measure time, that your archeologists have not found even the smallest portion of them. Even when they do find one, they try to fit it within a timeframe of what they perceive as possible. Not all sites they find can be accurately classified or put into a box of human created timelines. Time is a creation of Humanity; it is not a Universal Concept. Events are occurring concurrently, not linear as your 3rd Density Experience has you believe. Your scientists also work under the assumption that anything they believe occurred in the “past” was “before now”, and that anything “before now” must have been more primitive than your civilization currently is. This is a false assumption.

Take, for example, the pyramids of Giza. They have estimated the age of these pyramids very inaccurately. And they have hypothesized the way that they were built based on those inaccurate assumptions of what technology was possible in the “past” and “before now”. The technology that was used to build them is not even known now, but it was known then because Humanity at that time interacted with Beings from other Worlds as a normal daily event. It was not unusual to see many different Galactic Beings walking around, and they shared their technology freely with the Beings of Earth in ways to help them return to their Knowingness of their True Spiritual Nature. This is what the Great Pyramid of Giza is all about. Other misshapen pyramids in the area were built by later civilizations attempting to copy and understand the Great Pyramid, because by then contact with their Galactic Family had been forgotten and lost to time. When archeologists found these misshapen pyramids, they assumed that they were the predecessors of the Great Pyramid, that they were the practice leading up to the building of the Great Pyramid.  Once again, their concept of “past” and “before now” led them to incorrect and inaccurate conclusions.

Some of the Galactic Beings that have been on Earth did have their own agendas, which is for another discussion, but most were here to help Humanity. They used their technology, such as levitation devices, to help Humanity build these Energy Devices that are the pyramids in order to assist them with finding their way back to their True Nature. They knew the challenges that the souls who had chosen to become physical on this 3rd Density planet were facing and were helping to set up processes, and physical reminders, to lead the souls back to the memory of who they truly were. Which is a Limitless Being slowing down its vibration and putting that slowed down part of its essence into a physical 3rd Density form for the experience of doing so, and for the experience of finding their way back to Awakening to their True Self from this self-induced amnesia.

Eventually, it was forgotten that these “extraterrestrials” were a part of your family, and they were relegated to mystery, and to the debate of whether they really existed or not. Humanity has gone so far as to think that they are the only occupants of the entire Universes! In fact, all the Beings you think of as being purely fantasy, or fantastical, are based on reality. Yes, we are telling you there are Mer-people, Dragons, Fairies, Sasquatch and Unicorns, to name but a few. They may no longer exist in this current dimensional reality that Earth is experiencing, but they have been in the same dimension as Humanity at one time or another, at least as you currently perceive time. As we have said, time is concurrent, not linear, so these Beings are existing in parallel Universes, or experiences, at the same time that this Universe is being experienced by you. Since they are interdimensional Beings, they are able to appear at will in any dimension that they so choose, including this one that you currently identify with, just as Angels do.

There is far more to reality than you are aware of with your limited 3rd Density capability of comprehension. Again, this is part of the challenge that you gave yourselves in coming to this 3rd Density experience. What you perceive as “real” is only an illusion that is created by a shared soul agreement, a collective consciousness of and with this planet Earth, who is also a participant in this experience for her own ascension process. There are many that are awake to this fact and are able to see beyond, or past, the agreed upon “reality”. Many of you are these ones, and you have agreed to be here for the specific purpose of helping Humanity to Awaken. This is what the Awakening means, to awaken to the memory of being a Higher Self Soul Consciousness Spark of the Creator that chose to have the Human Experience. There should be no judgment of where someone is, or is not, in this Awakening Process. All are exactly where they need to be when they need to be there. A part of our job here is to remind those that are here to assist Humanity, not to become embroiled in the dramas associated with this 3rd Density experience, such as the governments of the world. They are only a process that was created, by Collective Agreement of the Souls inhabiting this beautiful planet, as another experience to help each Soul to awaken and to understand that these governmental entities do not have the answers you seek and are more a cause of your problems than a way to resolve them. We mention this specifically because we are aware of the elections occurring in the United States of America, and the wars in Gaza and the Ukraine. These are old tactics that will not stand up to the Awakening of the Beings on this planet.

Only each individual Soul has the answers to their own questions, found deep within themself through the connection in the Heart Center with their True Self, which is their Higher Self. Understand, everything you experience in this reality is of your choosing, whether you remember making the choice or not. Only by accepting this view are you able to extricate yourself from the role of victim that you have adopted for so long now, and thus bring about the Awakening that you came here to experience.

We hope that this Spring brings new growth and Awakening for all of you. We are here, as ever, to support your efforts to remember your True Self, that you are a part of an imaginably large connection of souls, and that this experience of reality is completely up to your perception of it.

Always in love,

Your Angels

Laura Elliott is an intuitive clairvoyant and published author. She offers private consultations, classes, and coaching. Her aim is to help clients find clarity, strengthen their own inner guidance, and reach personal spiritual growth. She currently offers a 3 Week Metaphysical Course for one-on-one coaching with her and the Angels. You can find Laura on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (messaging with angels), Twitter (@MessagingAngels), and TikTok (laura_angelwhisperer). Her book With Love, From Your Angels – Tools and Knowledge to Help You Transcend This Human Experience (Balboa Press) is now available in print and eBook directly from the publisher at www.BalboaPress.com or from www.Amazon.com.