Teaching Master of Metaphysics Course in China

Last month Alan and I were in China for two weeks to teach a 5-day Master of Metaphysics Beginner Course. This was the first time that we taught it to a group, and in China. Back in 2009, after I went back to visit my hometown in China for the first time in 13 years, Maitreya asked me to set up a MaitreyaChina website in Chinese. At that time, I translated all Maitreya’s newsletters into Chinese, and put them on a newly created MaitreyaChina.com website. I followed Maitreya’s suggestion but didn’t understand what exactly I needed to do next, and the door didn’t open until now. It did not open because I was not ready for it. I had so much fear to face, so much negative emotions needed to be cleared, and so many lessons were still unfolding in my life. It’s easy to see now, but it was my training and preparation to get us ready for what was to come in China. Earlier this year, I finally told the Universe that I was ready to teach the Master’s course in China, and the door magically opened for us.

The Master of Metaphysics course was created by Margaret McElroy under Maitreya’s direct guidance. It was designed to assist souls to raise their vibration and move forward to their true destiny. The key of this course is to allow Spirit to work on the students while they are wrapped in the Spiritual energy. It was indeed a wonderful experience and was just like the experience Alan and I enjoyed on beautiful Tamborine mountain in Australia when we did the course with Margaret. The place we went was a vacation village much like the small tourist community where Margaret resided in Australia. It was a beautiful and peaceful place. There was a large pond filled with Lotus flowers, and water is all around the village. At the entrance to the village, there is a huge Kuan Yin statue and at the front of the conference building, there is a Maitreya statue. It is, as if the whole place was built by the Masters in the World of Spirit. As soon as Alan and I saw the statues, especially Maitreya’s we knew that we were guided to this location and the real teacher was Maitreya and the hall of the Masters in the world of Spirit.

The course was very successful, everyone had a transformative experience. Both Alan and I experienced first-hand the presence of Maitreya and Margaret’s energy. Physically we were exhausted and Spiritually we were very appreciative and deeply grateful for all the guidance and help from them. We have so much faith and trust as we see Maitreya’s messages and teaching spreading and growing in China.

We are scheduled to return in December, and it looks like we will be there more and more next year. It is an incredible journey and an exciting adventure for us both.

Ironically, one of the students had been to the facility a couple years earlier and there was no Maitreya statue at that time. There are no accidents as Maitreya would often say! Enjoy the pics.